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Connection as a Path to Wealth

I'm lacking connection here...None of us would be here in physical 3-D if we didn’t in some form believe in and enjoy separation. Limited physical reality offers many advantages over being fully connected. We get to imagine that we’re not the primal cause of everything that befalls us. We get to pout and pull the silent treatment, thinking that this will keep us from seeing the truth about ourselves. We don’t have to feel everyone’s emotions, disappointments, hurts, jealousy, anger, etc. We can insulate ourselves in our ego and find that on the surface, life in 3-D is not so bad when compared to being fully connected. Even our money system reflects ingrained values of separation, which is why it will ultimately fail.

Widening Awareness and Money

A friend of mine who is involved in self-development made a fascinating observation the other day. He said that the Internet was a mirror of our collective widening awareness in the Shift and that whether we liked it or not, there would come a time where we do not have the option to close down and stay unconnected. This, I believe is the greatest fear that humanity is staring down at this moment. It’s decision time and the question is: “Can we connect or do we choose disconnection?” Many choose disconnection, and the numbers of the dead keep rising.

I’ve been imaging several abrupt disconnections in my life, from a broken relationship to a phone cut off or an Internet interruption. The Internet lapse was the most telling since it had to do with my finances. I have the bill on automatic withdrawal (another telling euphemism for a preference for separation) and it had failed due to a change in the account number at my bank. They had re-issued all the numbers and I hadn’t updated mine. I woke up one morning to my home page being hijacked with a nasty message about an unpaid Internet bill on an account that 1) was on automatic withdrawal, 2) was not a subscription service. As far as I was concerned, they do not have a right to hijack my browser because I fail to pay a bill on an account that is not contracted. In my mind, they declared war by crossing my boundaries and being intrusive. Perhaps, in their mind, they felt they were doing me a service and notifying me in the clearest terms why my Internet was suddenly cut off. Regardless, the Internet, Smartphones, even applications that control your house are establishing paths of intimacy with remote people and things that some of us consider completely unwelcome. We like our privacy, even if on the face of it, it is a preference for separation.

Can I Imagine a Connected, Loving, World?

Obviously, the question life is putting towards me is: Can I imagine a connected, loving, world? Connection and intimacy have never been the same thing for me.  I can be very intimate with people all over the world, but I simply don’t want them calling me up or showing up at my door. The truth is I would feel completely overwhelmed. Yet, the phone, the Internet, my creditors, and all many of other physical relationships insist in sharing my physical space. I can’t get away from it. As my friend suggests, I have to make a choice to either go with the energy or fight a losing battle. We are being asked to look at our preference for disconnection and separation and we’re being asked to find ways to stay connected, despite many of us not feeling happy or safe about that prospect. It’s too unfamiliar.

A New Path to Wealth

Yet, here I am developing techniques for this path of connectedness and using it every day to create income. I had another friend recently who was very high up in a hierarchical corporate system and he made a lot of  money. After getting to know him, I realized his life is precarious, at best. He has already seen the effect of putting all his faith in a system that is failing, yet he does it again. He lost his home in the house collapse, his wife, and the only way he can get his children to call is by sending them money. He still believes acting responsibly in a job is going to save him having to establish authentic and creative connections because he’s still heavily invested in the mirage that separation brings wealth. It did in the past, but energies are shifting and if we don’t shift with them, we will find out too late that we trusted in the wrong model. He is counting on the retirement package, most probably a packet of lies that will fall apart just as he is set to retire. One day, he will do like millions did before him, he will go to work after having served faithfully for years and they will tell him he is no longer needed. He does not have a home and with no money no way to foster good connections. He does not understand how to create wealth, only how to exploit an old, worn-out, and failing system.  Until he has the courage to open to connections, his fabulous salary is more a liability than a blessing. It can not produce the type of wealth he desperately desires and it blocks him from exploring other paths. It takes courage to open to the path of connection and material wealth is not the ultimate goal. Ultimately, the connection itself is the wealth we obtain, and a byproduct of that can create more opportunities and a stabler path in life.


Trust and the Compassionate Universe

VillainEver notice how the dollar bills say, “In God we trust.”? It seems a funny statement for our nation’s founders to make since they rarely trusted any form of government or market regulation. Trust is integral to two-way transactions, otherwise people don’t trust enough to engage interaction. However, people don’t recognize that trust is as ephemeral as the passing seasons. Things change, people change, and some even deceive themselves.

Why Empaths Don’t Trust Personally

If you’ve ever watched the show Medium, Allison the empath is always having dreams about people killing other people and their twisted plots to hide their actions. Unfortunately for her, they are true.  Sometimes she dreams a dream several times because she needs to see it from various people’s perspectives to ultimately come to the objective truth of the matter because even people’s actions don’t tell the whole story. There are also occassions when people believe something about themselves and their actions, but later find out they’ve been manipulated or that they had a belief that was wrong and so they weren’t as trustworthy or genuine as they supposed, only naive or immature. In a situation like Allison’s where people’s souls are revealed and the entire drama becomes a giant puzzle piece that reflects various truths, sometimes contradictory, can you really trust any one person? For spiritual people, trust ends up being trust in the Divine that despite humanity’s many failings everything is still on target and fine. For empaths, they don’t trust, they know. Trust turns to faith. It no longer is personal because it can’t be personal.

With that insight comes peace. You wouldn’t be able to look into people’s souls if every time you did you recoiled at the peversity of human nature. You end up having faith that everyone is where they need to be and that only through Divine grace do we ultimately experience love, although for some it may take many, many, lives. You trust more than others, but it is quite impersonal. You aren’t trusting that someone won’t hurt you, or even intend to hurt you; you’ve given up on the childish notion that there are villains who wear only black and saints who wear only white. You are trusting that despite human frailties if we seek love even a villain in black can end up being a helpful friend as you begin to see the Self in other. Then, the notion of trust becomes meaningless and faith takes its place.

Love and Trust

The majority of people believe that there are trustworthy people and untrustworthy people, but that’s simply not true.  A friend of mine recently dropped my acquaintence because I wouldn’t proclaim him trustworthy. I could have lied, but then that would have made me “untrustworthy” right? It was not that he is untrustworthy, it’s that I don’t believe it matters. I only have to trust myself that I can hold the tone of love and what he does or does not do is irrelevant. He is still loved whether he chooses to stay or go. I still remain the same.

The Need to Trust is Separation Mindset

The point is I don’t have to think of someone as trustworthy to engage them and still have a loving relationship. I just have to have faith and commit to seeing the relationship through despite the many obstacles. Unconditional love doesn’t demand that the other person be trustworthy, and it’s a pretty tall order to fill anyways. There are always times when we hurt others unintentionally. If I judge someone “trustworthy” and then they betray me by doing something I don’t like, will it make me feel justified to be angry instead of loving and walk away? Being proclaimed “trustworthy” comes with a whole set of expectations that mean little in the end if all it does is promote more hatred and separation in the world. If a person does not betray another, they will eventually betray themselves in one way or another. It happens constantly in actions as simple as making a New Year’s resolution and not being able to keep it. The key there is not judgment, but forgiveness. Those of us who understand others are no more than reflections of self will also step it up in advance, making the commitment to love knowing that this person will eventually disappoint and hurt us.  Maybe it’s not fun, but it makes for a bigger, more loving, world. Otherwise, we could live our lives in complete misery wondering why we only attract “untrustworthy” people in our lives instead of just being thankful they were there in the first place, as mirrors for our own soul growth.