About Me

Years ago, I was a married mother of one completely entrenched in the short-sighted capitalistic American dream as a successful software developer and mechanical engineer. Then, I woke up, just a few months before I got laid off. It occurred to me that just because someone dreamed that dream, it didn’t mean it had to be mine. So, I decided to dream a new dream and make that one my own: Sustainable capitalism. Except that I didn’t know where to start.

Can It Be Done?

Now, that this economic crisis has hit us, the question is:  Can sustainable capitalism be accomplished? I continue to explore this topic with many other entrepreneurs all over the Internet. When solid career choices like being a teacher, an engineer, or a medical doctor no longer have the same rewards and lead to a lifetime of debt, all of us have to reassess our choices and find new ways to live sustainable lives that can bring fulfillment to us and create a better future for others.

To find our treasure, it is no longer as easy as stepping outside our door or getting an Ivy league education. Instead, the call is to march within and find the treasure inside and bring it out of you. I didn’t know that and I spent quite a number of years floundering after I was laid off trying to establish some new path. In the end, the precious gem was the one thing that others had told me was worthless in prior decades: my writing. Did I know that I had a gift? Yes, but I ignored it.

You Are a Writer

“Why can’t you write like she does? It is not even her first language!”

My fifth grade Portuguese teacher was scolding the class after reading my paper out loud. The assignment had been to describe a spring day. After she finished reading it, the class audibly sighed as I got more and more uncomfortable. She knew I was a writer. The class knew I was a writer. It was only I that lacked that confidence. Besides, my parents told me I would starve if I chose writing as a profession. So, I chose engineering instead.

It wasn’t until the economy crashed that I discovered the true worth of my writing. It was the single thing that kept me afloat when no other jobs were to be found. I had found my calling, even though it had always been there. I had just chosen otherwise, for a time. It would have been far easier on me, if I had just embraced my calling earlier. I think that is true of most of us. We all have something special to share about ourselves, but we’re afraid we can’t express it properly. If you think there is something you want to express and can’t find the words, just email me at Moylan.claire260 at gmail dot com. I know how to take even the most disparate concepts and weave them into an inspiring and engaging story for others.

My Mission

This blog is about making our lives meaningful and rich in spiritual wealth. Spiritual wealth is not only about material possessions, but about the intangibles that also promote happiness and spiritual growth that come from within. How can we live our lives so that every day is a source of new inspiration, happiness, and joy? How can we set the example for the next generation to learn how to live sustainable lives of happiness that don’t exploit the planet and our neighbors? I am hoping to do my little part in this great Shift in consciousness we are experiencing now by sharing my talents with everyone. If you have a project that you are excited about and want to create, visit my page on Facebook to see how I can help you make that a reality.

Claire Moylan has been a freelance writer since 2006. She holds a Master’s in Transpersonal Psychology and a Bachelor’s in Engineering. Claire has lived in many places, including: Brazil, Africa, Mexico, and nearly all 50 states in the United States. She hated traveling for quite a long time, but now wants to travel again. She owns a cat called Shakespeare who tells her to lighten up all the time and insists that nothing is so serious that a good game of kitty tag won’t solve.


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