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Finding Our Inspiration

Vancouver B.C. - Stanley Park's Painters Circle "Yuri Gordon"My productivity is taking a dive, as obvious as it is with this blog that seems to be really haphazard now. I’ve been contemplating motivation for a long time. Many of us are motivated by money, since that’s important to having nice things in our lives.  Others are motivated by achievements. Still others by security. Entrepreneurs can be motivated by the first two and then also the thrill of risk, not security. Much of what we  value depends on where we find ourselves in life, and what motivates us. I thought maybe I wanted more security and so I got a part-time job. That’s really been helpful for sorting out my feelings about where I want my life to go, now that my daughter is all grown up and that part of my motivation is waning. I feel a sense of curiosity about my world and my surroundings that I haven’t in a while, and I realize that curiosity is always what gets me in trouble, but seems to be part of my main intent in life.

Are You Bored of the Same Old?

I do a lot of online reading in social networks, blogs, newspapers, and books. I have a very quick mind, but often that can lead to boredom.  I enjoy tasks that are both left and right-brained at the same time, and I realize that much of that is because I get bored otherwise. Online teaching marries both of those and I enjoy it a lot, but now I’m actually feeling something strange: a desire to build my own courses. It’s almost as bad as the feeling of wanting to write another book. These things are like giving birth to babies who are dependent on you to sustain them for many years, and because of my financial situation, it’s a high risk for me. I need some stability to pay back debts and yet, I’m having the rather overwhelming desire to be productive in an area that, frankly, won’t return anything for years, if at all.

If I Were Smart?

I’m studying new markets for freelance writing right now. There are some areas that I could obviously make money on if I wanted to write sex novels or fear mongering articles. Problem is that I don’t want to do those things, and I often wonder when the heck people will get tired of all that anyways. I mean isn’t there enough of that in the market to saturate it? What the heck is so appealing about it? Why is it that people get hooked on stuff like that but positive stuff doesn’t have an addicting quality? That’s when I realized that therein lies the root problem of my lack of motivation lately. The social norms right now are extremely unappealing to me. I want beauty, riches, happiness, and positivity in my life. That other stuff may sell, but at what price? All that outer stuff is having the opposite effect on my creativity and inspiration, instead of motivating me it makes me want to put down my pen, so to speak, and remain silent. Now, I understand why I took all those years to nurture and cultivate an inner connection to Spirit, realizing it wasn’t producing a single dollar bill and sometimes heavily indebting myself in other areas of my life. It’s the only place I find inspiration and hope.

Finding My Inner Inspiration

The inner me is what gives me my Source of inspiration and the trick to actually getting it out of me and multiplying my inner world is probably my key to spirit wealth.  Yes, it has no dollar value.  It does increase my joy in my daily actions.  However, something occurred to me more. It also inspires others and helps people to cooperate in innovation by producing a better vision of the world around us and claiming it Now.  It’s a way of manifesting a powerful world vision that can go “viral” and infect others as we bring things out of the hidden resources into the light of conscious reality. Isn’t that what all great art is about?


If I Had A Chance To Invest In Amazon Again…


Many years ago, I worked at a patent and trademark research firm. This was right about the time that the WWW got online and companies were starting to appear. Part of the research expanded to domain names for copyright infringement, and so there was a lot of talk and looking at new companies, one of which was Amazon.com. As an avid reader and book buyer, my jaw literally dropped when I saw this store and I jumped up from my screen and ran into my bosses office and said: “Oh, my gosh! This company is brilliant! If I had money to invest in it now – I would! Get whatever money you have extra and invest in Amazon.com. It will be HUGE!”

Why I Chose To Be Poor

Did I take my own advice? No. Why? Because I was convinced that I knew nothing about investing and that I had no spare money for investing. So, I let that mega opportunity pass me by – even though I recognized it as a gold mine!

Now, when I put up my blog survey to hear what topics people wanted to read on my blog, the number one selection was: “How To Create More Income.” Yet, even if a mega opportunity stares you in the face, are you going to choose to be poor, like I did? I can tell you what I think the next Amazon is for me, but will you believe me? Will you not invest and choose to be poor, like I did? It’s not that  the opportunity doesn’t appear that’s the problem, it’s that few people fail to take advantage of the opportunity EVEN when they recognize it for what it is. Why is that?

Kiyosaki’s Choose To Be Rich Program

All it really would have taken for me to profit from Amazon.com would have been the research to learn how to buy stock and the determination to use my own funds to do it, no matter how little. Over the years, I’ve had the same pattern, over and over. I am very good at spotting hit money makers, I am just not good at following through on them. And, yet, no one gets rich from work alone. If you want to create wealth you have to create a business or invest, you have to plant seeds that grow on their own. That’s the Rich Dad path, as Kiyosaki states in his program “You Can Choose To Be Rich.”

Your Mind Is The Only Obstacle

I have come to see all obstacles as self-inflicted. The only true obstacle in your life is your mind set. Yes, there are external conditions that hamper us, but they started in the mind first, in how we perceived ourselves and how we limited ourselves. The beliefs we have and nurture make up what happens too.  There are plenty of reasons not to do something, and most of those are just our way of subconsciously limiting our future choices and wealth.

A Hot New Opportunity

Now, I have found another very hot opportunity. I didn’t think twice even though money was tight this week. This is a company I have been involved with for over 10 years and that I have reaped at least $30,000 extra in my association with them already. It was a no brainer to upgrade to become a business partner with them for $72.  After October 30th, the cost to be an business partner would have gone up to over $250! I never did it before, even though I was tempted, for solely one reason: I am an at-home Internet worker, and they were a face-to-face company. This has ALL changed! Even so, that wouldn’t have been enough NOW because I already am self-employed. I don’t want another job, I want a business or investment opportunity – a set it and forget it money-maker! With their partnership with the Blastoff Network, I am now in a position to do exactly that. Build my wealth and put it on auto-pilot. And, you can too!

I Will Help You Do It!

This is the perfect opportunity, as it is low cost entry right now, and the basic level is free! It is partnered with Blastoff, a company that may or may not be bigger than Facebook in a few years, but I want to get in on the ground floor!  Join the network first, and I will send everyone in my network a free 10-page report telling you how to create a “set it and forget it” business with it, no matter what your niche is! This you get only for joining using my link. It is completely free to join my network, and from there you can learn ways to create multiple streams of income, some require an upfront investment and others do not, choosing which is right for you. There is no obligation to buy anything! Do yourself a favor and take the time to investigate this opportunity during the pre-launch! After October 30th, major players will be advertising this network, and you will have missed out on the BEST WINDOW OF OPPORTUNITY  I have seen in many years. Don’t choose to be poor like I did with Amazon,  join today!

Me Money To We Money: Why I Wrote It

Me Money To We MoneyEvery writer dreams of being published, but sometime that’s not the primary motive for writing a book. That was the case with me. Fundamentally, I didn’t write the book, the book wrote me. It crept into every pore of my skin, and insinuated itself in every facet of my waking life, and, even my dreams. The book demanded to be written, and that’s the simple truth.

It Has A Message We Need To Hear

In this time of financial catastrophe, and an uncertain future, we need to know that we still really do create our own reality. The Divine Within is still in full control of what happens to us, even if our trials are not famine and pestilence, but rather foreclosure and bankruptcy. Many people would suggest that the topic of finance and spirituality don’t mix, sort of like science and religion. I don’t believe that’s true because I’ve seen how paying attention to my spirituality has reaped major dividends in happiness and material wealth. Yes, the form may not be as easily recognizable as a dollar bill in the bank account, but even that eventually comes forward as other obstacles to prosperity vanish through our inner work. It has been proven over and over to me: We create our reality flawlessly, from day-to-day, sometimes when we even have no money left in the bank.

YCYOR Needs Details

The “You Create Your Own Reality” (YCYOR) genre has been made famous by such books as the Law of Attraction or movies like The Secret. Prior to that was Seth and Jane Roberts. These books also had the same fabulous message, but were a little short on details, in my opinion, or a bit too complex to decipher into working methods.  Are thoughts really things, and do they create our reality? Or, is that just possibly one limited view of a more expansive model? Even if they did, how the heck does one control their thoughts or change limiting belief systems? Is it even necessary to do so or will other more powerful techniques help you to achieve the same ends? Following the Elias material, a successor to Seth, and having dealt with this teacher in dream work, I elaborate on the details of the reality creation cycle so that anyone can understand exactly how they create reality, and not just accept it on faith.

This is what you will get from reading this book:

  • The Mandala Map of Creation – A map of how a cycle of creation is implemented and what specific cycle creates wealth or poverty.
  • Overview Of Core Belief Systems – An overview of seven of the ten core belief systems that influence what you create in your reality, with specific regards to money imagery.
  • Information On The Shift Of Consciousness – This is an event that is influencing our reality right now, according to Elias.  It’s like a big tidal wave that’s hitting our shores and either drowns us or carries us to distant shores. Learn how to pay attention to the shift in your own consciousness to surf the wave, instead of struggling within it.
  • The Two Natural Flow Paths – Why some people create in a negative natural flow and others choose a positive one, so you can decide which is right for you.
  • How To Engage Cooperative Groups – Understanding why our economic models have relied on competition, and how to re-orient to a way of working that chooses cooperation over competition to meet the same, or bigger,  goals.
  • How To Create Value Through Connection – Why the model of conquest is being replaced by connection through social networks.  How you can create value using a model that brings more compassion, connection, and trust in your life.
  • Understand What You Want In Your Life And Create It Without Money – This is the biggest technique included in this book. Once you realize that you can have what you want (through the action of paying attention to your reality creation cycles), and without creating financial obstacles, you will be free to be anyone you want to be. You will achieve a freedom even money can’t buy.

To get a copy, order Me Money To We Money here.

If you have a blog or site and would like to review the book, email me at moylan.claire260 at gmail dot com.

Are You Organically Wealthy?

"Expresso"This question doesn’t require a look at your recent bank account statements, instead it takes a bit of introspection. Organic wealth is more about community and self-sufficiency than it is about dollar signs. It’s about what you value and whether you are appreciating the value of your life. It is about learning how to feed yourself first with values that promote well-being and life happiness, and having gratitude for each experience. It is about taking life as it is, no added fertilizers, no harmful pesticides, and just seeing all natural goodness, no matter what happens.

The Top Wants In Life

Most people in the United States are exorbitantly wealthy, whether they make a low income or a high one. It is far easier to cultivate organic wealth in the United States than elsewhere because we’ve met many of the subsistence values that other countries still struggle to meet economically. Life is so abundant that few people notice it, until they visit a different country and realize what they have. Many countries struggle simply to provide these subsistence values to their citizens: shelter, food, and water. To progress out of subsistence, one needs energy and education to create industry. Those can also be in short supply in many places, yet the ability to get an education or create your own business is a pillar of our society. After our basic needs, the top wants in life are: money, relationships, and a sense of accomplishment (work/career).  Yet, money, in and of itself, is not the only variable that determines how wealthy you assess yourself. Having the basics of life and the opportunity to create money, relationships, and industry (a condition that most Americans enjoy) is having way more than most in this world. Yet, we don’t understand how rich we are because we haven’t experienced different.

Learn To Appreciate Your Organic Wealth

It’s only when people get sick, that they realize that they had much when they were convinced they were poor. The body image in health mirrors our organic wealth, through imbalances in the ability to house, feed, or nurture the soul. Diseases are often “gifts” to people to help them to relearn how to balance their internal compass of physical, emotional, and mental wealth. It helps the person who is sick to begin appreciating what they have lost, and that resets the internal compass in the right direction. Once they see that they really had the basics they needed to be happy, it can be a great motivator to return to that physical state and make the most of it from now on. It’s when our life values are not the ones that we are seeking to fulfill that a feeling of poverty creeps in and immense dissatisfaction with life, and a potential for disease enters. Yet someone in the same position might see you as being immensely blessed to live your life if it were them. Learn to value what you have and you are organically wealthy, no matter what circumstances you find yourself in. There is always something to appreciate in life, no matter how small. Once you cultivate that deep appreciation and gratitude with life, you will generate more and more of what you want through the power of like attracts like. You will be a producer of value, not an exploiter. You will appreciate things and nurture them into creating more value for others because you are so wealthy it only makes sense to share with others.  You will be rich, born into a birthright of organic wealth and happiness. You will feed yourself, and you will feed others too, creating huge value that eventually gets reflected in all areas of life.

Money Magic And Money Spells

Are you the type of person that can’t walk by a penny without picking it up? Do you carry a rabbit’s foot or folded, imaginary, $100 bill in your pocket? Well, creating good money magic or practicing money spells is one of the most ancient of spiritual practices. In bad times, we believe, the gods are cursing us with bad money moojoo and when we’re experiencing abundance, we tend to believe that somehow fate is being kind. In Hindu circles, our bad money karma comes out of the direct result of our own actions (even if they are in the ancient past), and to change them we have to not only vanquish the bad karma, but we have to replace it with good karma too – specifically for whatever we want. I’ve included a YouTube video here of a guru on reality creation who talks about the power of mantras to erase bad karma and replace it with other karma. I like his other videos and I’m not one to knock something until I’ve tried it. Besides, his teaching that the entire world is created by the use of sound is essentially correct, so why not try to change your reality with a mantra even if it seems like uttering money spells? Of course, in the newer reality creation circles they don’t believe in karma, but that’s a different story. I’m not sure which way I lean on the subject of karma, but I know that focusing your attention on anything is sure to help produce the manifestation in your life.

I know that there are many religious and spiritual rituals that people have tried to increase their money magic. Here are some fun ones to try when you are trying to generate income and having really bad luck:

For selling a home: Bury a statue of Saint Joseph upside down in your front yard. You also have to say a specific prayer, so look it up on Google. It’s pretty savage, so I won’t repeat it here.

To erase bad karma: Chant Thiru Neela Kantam for three minutes when you wake up and when you go to bed.

To add good money karma: Chant Aah.

To clear bad vibes that can attract bad luck: Smudge with sage or sprinkle with holy water.

Timing to increase wealth: Do your rituals more on the night of the full moon. The full moon is said to have an amplifying effect, especially on money rituals.

Of course, the best type of money ritual for creating wealth is simply to start saving money. 🙂 Anyone have any fun money rituals they want to share?

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The Theory of Wealth Relativity

Little unfair the young girl at the back is doing all the workI’ve noticed something interesting about the way my losses and gains are manifesting. I used to lose a few dollars here and there and gain a few dollars here and there. Who doesn’t have the story of getting a rebate only to have a bill for the exact same amount show up unexpectedly? It always seems the debt is exactly equal to the gain. Recently, I’ve been losing thousands and it’s downright scary. My only hope is to gain thousands to even out the ledger. So, I was discussing the loss of the buyer’s earnest money and my friend said:”A thousand dollars is a lot of money to lose.” And, I replied:”No, it’s not. It’s not even 1% of the purchase price.” I was thinking about the $4,000 approximately I lost at the beginning of the year because of car troubles. Relatively speaking, I’d be jumping for joy if all I lost was $1,000. But, the same is true about the gains now too. If I only make $1000 that’s not very much. I want to make many thousands and I really should manifest many thousands to pay off the debt on the car. My idea of how much money is a lot has gotten skewed. I now think in many thousands and that’s being reflected in my losses, and hopefully in the future in my gains too. I remember when the idea of working with many thousands would have been completely inconceivable to me. I didn’t have that much to lose nor that much to gain either.

How Much Do You Think You Can Afford To Lose?

That’s how much you’ll ever be able to gain in your lifetime. It made me think of Donald Trump gaining millions and losing millions, then gaining them all back. Most of us would have a complete heart failure the moment we lost the millions, especially if they were Daddy’s monies. But, if you’re working with millions, that’s probably just the way it works in that stratosphere. You can’t hope to handle millions, if you’re not willing to risk losing millions. People may view you as filthy rich, but to you a million is like a thousand to someone else. It’s all relative.

When I figure out how to use that change in relative value to my advantage, I’ll let you all know. I have a few thoughts on it right now, that I’ll share below, but I think there might be a goldmine of information in this one little creation. There have been occasions where I manifested many thousands and that, incidentally, was the time when I started losing thousands too. Prior to that, the income had been relatively stable with no major surprises either way. Now, I’ve been in this “thousand” loop of gains and losses for about eight years now. So, if I shift to a higher income, I assume I will probably have higher risks of losses too. It’s downright weird. So, I’ve been contemplating this theory of wealth relativity and finding out how to use it to my unfair advantage.

The Belief In Fairness

One of the key beliefs that could be influencing this creation in my reality is the belief in fairness. I read somewhere that if you believe in fairness, you can never expect to get rich. The reason for that is not that you have to be immoral to be rich, but if you want to be on the side of the cashflow quadrant that uses other people’s time and money to gain you wealth, well, that’s perceived as a bit unfair isn’t it? But, really, it’s all about choices. Some people choose to work for other people all their lives and never invest. Their payback is security. Their gains and losses are never traumatic. Others choose to build businesses and hire people willing to work for them. They assume larger risks and they can have huge losses, but also huge gains too. The only person that judges it as fair or unfair is the person making that judgment. Is it fair that millionaires make money off other people’s sweat? Is it fair when someone does all the work and another reaps the benefits? Is it fair if they make huge gains in an investment? To the average person, they might suggest it is unfair, or at least due to luck. It’s not. It’s due to skillful direction of their energies to create that which they want, regardless of the impediments. The same belief that makes life fair is the same belief that keeps you poor. Now, you can start appreciating that life is COMPLETELY UNFAIR because that’s what’s going to eventually make you rich.

In fact, I’m thinking I’m mighty pleased I lost a downpayment on a townhome on that deal. It was not a good deal and relatively speaking, it’s peanuts. It’s completely unfair that she pulled out, but I can appreciate that this may lead to an even better deal with someone else. So, keep your wits about you when life becomes unfair and learn how to appreciate the downs in life too. In fact, I think that’s typically how people get rich in the stock market: they appreciate a low asset and then sell it to someone. They never buy high and sell low. They always buy low and wait for it to appreciate and then sell high. The same can be done in our creative energies of manifestation, I think, if we learn the art of appreciation and gratitude, even in our losses. Then the absolute value of something diminishes in your mind as you focus on only appreciation of that asset and it manifests. That’s what I think so far, but I will let you all know how my experiments in changing my beliefs and installing appreciation works in the end.

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Does Money Equal Wealth?

One thing about creating wealth is that one shouldn’t focus on money. Yes, I realize that most of you are snorting in disbelief, but it’s true. It’s actually counter-productive to focus on money when you are trying to create wealth. I know, I’ve done it. See, it’s all in how you concentrate as to what you eventually manifest. If you focus on money, what you create is a lack of money and additional money problems. I am completely serious. The problem then becomes, if you aren’t supposed to focus on the money, what do you concentrate on to generate wealth? Isn’t money how you create wealth?

Difference Between Wealth And Money

Money is a form of wealth, but it is not how you create wealth. If you look at people who you consider rich, are they people with lots of money or are they people who are enjoying life and living it to the fullest? Probably both, since we are ingrained to believe that money=wealth. However, now take those rich people with lots of money and put yourself in their place. Anna Nicole Smith – would you have wanted to be her? Not me! Why? Look at all the lawsuits and tabloid problems she had. She had no privacy and for me privacy is something I value highly. If I have lots of cash and no privacy, then I am really not wealthy. I am poor. There are plenty of stories of heiresses and the like who would have traded their money for authentic friendships. It seems people with lots of cash have trouble getting friends who aren’t interested in their money. There are even more studies that show that people who win the lottery end up losing their money shortly and being worse off than before, due to attracting large problems that came with the money. Look at Richard on Survivor who failed to pay his taxes! Rich and in jail.

What To Concentrate On

So, am I knocking money? Absolutely not! Money pays off debt and that’s like buying freedom. Money can facilitate more opportunities in your life, but those same opportunities exist irregardless of the cash in your hand. It’s a matter of focusing on manifesting them, instead of the money. If you focus on getting rich instead of being wealthy, you end up focusing on little pieces of paper that can come with a lot of trouble. So, what is it that you want to buy with this money? That’s the key to your wealth. That’s where your heart is. It’s not where your bank account or money is, that’s just a bunch of numbers and paper. It doesn’t even really exist, only in your mind. So, what do you think you want to do with this money when you have it? This is the MIND OBSTACLE. You place the acquisition of money as a requirement for wealth to show up, instead of focusing on the final result. That’s what you really need to be concentrating on.

For example, if you want a new laptop (like I did) you don’t go to the store to check out the prices and figure out how much they will cost. That means you are concentrating on just how big an obstacle you want to create for yourself. Instead, if you do go to the store, you go to find out the features and which ones you like best – the price is irrelevant! You aren’t going there to buy a laptop, you’re going there to fine tune how you manifest one. Once you know which one you’d love to have, start talking about it. This focuses your mind on this particular object of wealth you want in your life. Put the word “free” in your conversation. I desire to have a free VAIO laptop with wireless and blah, blah, blah. Keep the good feeling on how it would feel to have such a nice laptop and then, forget about it! The mind isn’t doing the work here. We don’t care how much it costs because we’re not focusing on the money. We’re focusing on the laptop. Just trust that the Universe can provide for any desire that you have. When that laptop shows up, you will be wondering what the heck you paid money for anything in the past… Then, you will start working on removing mind obstacles, rather than catering to mass beliefs that insist money=wealth.

What I’ve Done

This has worked for me, over and over. Now, I do have debt, and this is a bit different thing to figure out. How do I focus on a zero debt balance without focusing on money? Still a bit of a dilemma, but I’m sure I’ll figure it out. In the meantime, there’s nothing wrong with using money to pay those bills while you meditate on creating wealth in other places.

Things are important only in how they generate a fuller life. If the laptop weren’t necessary for me to do my graduate studies and freelance writing, I wouldn’t have cared a hoot about manifesting one. Wealth is only important on how it meets your goals in life. If you just want to impress other people, then this formula will not work. You have to have your Spirit completely in line with your Mind to be able to manifest things and remove obstacles in your life. That’s when you reach a state of Divine Mind where everything is free and your only limits are in how much you dare to create…