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Does Money Equal Wealth?

One thing about creating wealth is that one shouldn’t focus on money. Yes, I realize that most of you are snorting in disbelief, but it’s true. It’s actually counter-productive to focus on money when you are trying to create wealth. I know, I’ve done it. See, it’s all in how you concentrate as to what you eventually manifest. If you focus on money, what you create is a lack of money and additional money problems. I am completely serious. The problem then becomes, if you aren’t supposed to focus on the money, what do you concentrate on to generate wealth? Isn’t money how you create wealth?

Difference Between Wealth And Money

Money is a form of wealth, but it is not how you create wealth. If you look at people who you consider rich, are they people with lots of money or are they people who are enjoying life and living it to the fullest? Probably both, since we are ingrained to believe that money=wealth. However, now take those rich people with lots of money and put yourself in their place. Anna Nicole Smith – would you have wanted to be her? Not me! Why? Look at all the lawsuits and tabloid problems she had. She had no privacy and for me privacy is something I value highly. If I have lots of cash and no privacy, then I am really not wealthy. I am poor. There are plenty of stories of heiresses and the like who would have traded their money for authentic friendships. It seems people with lots of cash have trouble getting friends who aren’t interested in their money. There are even more studies that show that people who win the lottery end up losing their money shortly and being worse off than before, due to attracting large problems that came with the money. Look at Richard on Survivor who failed to pay his taxes! Rich and in jail.

What To Concentrate On

So, am I knocking money? Absolutely not! Money pays off debt and that’s like buying freedom. Money can facilitate more opportunities in your life, but those same opportunities exist irregardless of the cash in your hand. It’s a matter of focusing on manifesting them, instead of the money. If you focus on getting rich instead of being wealthy, you end up focusing on little pieces of paper that can come with a lot of trouble. So, what is it that you want to buy with this money? That’s the key to your wealth. That’s where your heart is. It’s not where your bank account or money is, that’s just a bunch of numbers and paper. It doesn’t even really exist, only in your mind. So, what do you think you want to do with this money when you have it? This is the MIND OBSTACLE. You place the acquisition of money as a requirement for wealth to show up, instead of focusing on the final result. That’s what you really need to be concentrating on.

For example, if you want a new laptop (like I did) you don’t go to the store to check out the prices and figure out how much they will cost. That means you are concentrating on just how big an obstacle you want to create for yourself. Instead, if you do go to the store, you go to find out the features and which ones you like best – the price is irrelevant! You aren’t going there to buy a laptop, you’re going there to fine tune how you manifest one. Once you know which one you’d love to have, start talking about it. This focuses your mind on this particular object of wealth you want in your life. Put the word “free” in your conversation. I desire to have a free VAIO laptop with wireless and blah, blah, blah. Keep the good feeling on how it would feel to have such a nice laptop and then, forget about it! The mind isn’t doing the work here. We don’t care how much it costs because we’re not focusing on the money. We’re focusing on the laptop. Just trust that the Universe can provide for any desire that you have. When that laptop shows up, you will be wondering what the heck you paid money for anything in the past… Then, you will start working on removing mind obstacles, rather than catering to mass beliefs that insist money=wealth.

What I’ve Done

This has worked for me, over and over. Now, I do have debt, and this is a bit different thing to figure out. How do I focus on a zero debt balance without focusing on money? Still a bit of a dilemma, but I’m sure I’ll figure it out. In the meantime, there’s nothing wrong with using money to pay those bills while you meditate on creating wealth in other places.

Things are important only in how they generate a fuller life. If the laptop weren’t necessary for me to do my graduate studies and freelance writing, I wouldn’t have cared a hoot about manifesting one. Wealth is only important on how it meets your goals in life. If you just want to impress other people, then this formula will not work. You have to have your Spirit completely in line with your Mind to be able to manifest things and remove obstacles in your life. That’s when you reach a state of Divine Mind where everything is free and your only limits are in how much you dare to create…