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Money Magic And Money Spells

Are you the type of person that can’t walk by a penny without picking it up? Do you carry a rabbit’s foot or folded, imaginary, $100 bill in your pocket? Well, creating good money magic or practicing money spells is one of the most ancient of spiritual practices. In bad times, we believe, the gods are cursing us with bad money moojoo and when we’re experiencing abundance, we tend to believe that somehow fate is being kind. In Hindu circles, our bad money karma comes out of the direct result of our own actions (even if they are in the ancient past), and to change them we have to not only vanquish the bad karma, but we have to replace it with good karma too – specifically for whatever we want. I’ve included a YouTube video here of a guru on reality creation who talks about the power of mantras to erase bad karma and replace it with other karma. I like his other videos and I’m not one to knock something until I’ve tried it. Besides, his teaching that the entire world is created by the use of sound is essentially correct, so why not try to change your reality with a mantra even if it seems like uttering money spells? Of course, in the newer reality creation circles they don’t believe in karma, but that’s a different story. I’m not sure which way I lean on the subject of karma, but I know that focusing your attention on anything is sure to help produce the manifestation in your life.

I know that there are many religious and spiritual rituals that people have tried to increase their money magic. Here are some fun ones to try when you are trying to generate income and having really bad luck:

For selling a home: Bury a statue of Saint Joseph upside down in your front yard. You also have to say a specific prayer, so look it up on Google. It’s pretty savage, so I won’t repeat it here.

To erase bad karma: Chant Thiru Neela Kantam for three minutes when you wake up and when you go to bed.

To add good money karma: Chant Aah.

To clear bad vibes that can attract bad luck: Smudge with sage or sprinkle with holy water.

Timing to increase wealth: Do your rituals more on the night of the full moon. The full moon is said to have an amplifying effect, especially on money rituals.

Of course, the best type of money ritual for creating wealth is simply to start saving money. 🙂 Anyone have any fun money rituals they want to share?

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Woke up, and realized that loss is the same as gain…

yingoly  yangoly 1Just, wait a minute and hear me out. You know there are always two sides to one coin and that coin is still money, even if you are on the heads side or whether you are on the tail side. What difference does it make which way it lands? The only reason we think we lose is because we are so invested in one side or another that the fall of the coin becomes an emotional experience that ties us into choices of wins or losses.

I’ve noticed very large losses of physical money appearing on my ledger, however, with them are also coming some very big gains in non-physical value. I’m finishing up the Master’s program. I’m getting ready to sell my house. Eventually, the cycle will have to follow through so those losses in physical money, that went to non-physical gains, will have to come back into physicality again and the gain will be as big as I allow it to be. That’s what I think. The only thing that can stop it is my emotional investment in one side or another. That’s where we get stuck. So, it appears, if you want to be very wealthy you are going to also have to have a high tolerance for risk and loss. Otherwise, you could end up getting stuck on the very big loss side as the cycle goes back and forth because of trauma.

I think the best explanation I can give is to take a look at the mandala of the ying-yang symbol. All of reality is made up of dual elements. There is nothing in our present reality that doesn’t have this feature. Duality is a basic component of physical reality. Positive charges must always have negative balancing charges, and so on, for them to be a balanced whole. The ying-yang symbol illustrates this very well. Now, both sides are mirror copies of each other. One side could be thought of as physical, objective, reality and the other side could be thought of as non-physical, subjective, reality. Say, the left is subjective and the right is objective. Now, imagine that this ying-yang symbol is painted on the floor and you are standing at the tail end of right side. What do you see? Loss all around you. Everywhere around you is abundance, but you see lack. You don’t recognize that you are only standing on one portion of the cycle and that it has to shift. If you get traumatized, you just stay right there crying your eyes out. But, if you take action, you can start to shift out of that loss into the gains that either in the objective arena. What’s interesting is that in that spot of lack, right next to it is the spot of ultimate gain in the subjective nature of our internal spirit Self. When we lose everything that’s when we have the most to gain. So, that is probably why the dark night of the soul is seen by most spiritual traditions as a holy place where great growth can occur.

Mandalas are symbols of the whole Self, according to Jung. The ying-yang symbol is a mandala. One can meditate on these symbols to obtain a degree of understanding and to move us into the correct energy flows so that we can create consciously instead of getting stuck in our emotions.

*Image courtesy of Flickr Creative Commons license by oddsock