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Holy Inflation Hikes, Batman, Cracker Barrel Cheese Is More Than $6

Don't touch meHey, I haven’t seen the movie, but hear it’s great. I think the economy is playing a mighty joke on us, and Robin would be proud of all the cool sayings he could utter as he goes to the grocery store. Help me, Batman, my local grocer is blackmailing me!

Imagine it…Batman and Robin going grocery shopping since Albert has been laid off due to poor economic times…*

Batman: “We’re out of gas, Robin. Did you forget to fill up the Batmobile?”
Robin: “Well, call Triple A since we need the money to do grocery shopping and they’ll fill our tank for free.”
Batman: “Good thinking, Boy Wonder! (Hey, am I in the wrong cartoon?!)
They march into the local Kroger’s store, which is a store here down South. Nobody stares because Southerners are too polite to stare.
Batman:“Okay, let’s see…Mayonaisse, over $4…”
Robin: “Holy priceless mish-mash of eggs and oil!”
Batman (his lip twitching): “Milk…, over $5”
Robin: “Golly gee willikers Batman! How are we ever going to fight crime with this budget?”
Batman (his lip twitching more): “Of course, Robin. Even crime-fighters must eat. And especially you. You’re a growing boy and you need your nutrition. Just think of it this way, even Joker has to pay more for his make-up.”
Robin: “Holy costume party, Batman!”
Batman: “Tin foil, $10”
Robin (smacking his gloved fist into the palm of his hand):“Holy heart failure, Batman! It looks like the crooks have gotten into the grocery stores! How will we ever be able to maintain the Bat Cave and all our fancy toys, fight crime, dress up in weird outfits, and rehire Albert if everyone’s going criminally insane?”

Just then the joker pulls up and fills his cart with stolen food and drives away laughing and yelling:”Suckers!!!”

Stay tuned for the next exciting, heart-stopping visit to the grocery store…Same Bat time, Same bat channel.

*Prices similar to a recent visit to my grocery stores, some actual sayings taken from Batman movies, and yes, you have to find your chuckles somewhere in drastic, economic, times.

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How Much Does Our Pedal Power Save?

gas-mileage.jpgEver since I took that lovely stroll to the local market, I’ve been wondering if I should do this more often. The only thing that kept me from doing it was the fact that I would have too many groceries to carry back home at one time. Also, lazy as it may seem, I didn’t want to carry them! Then, I saw a wire cart for $19.99 at Walgreens to carry my groceries and the idea just sort of solidified. I thought: “How much gas does it cost to go from my driveway to the store and back versus using this $19.99 carrier?” Then, I thought about how nice it would be to get that exercise in too, especially around spring time. If someone wanted to do this instead of a gym membership, it would probably save them a lot of money too.

They Laughed at Me at the Auto Shop

When they were fixing my car, they asked me if the car got good gas mileage. I said that it used to but that now the car seemed to take a whole lot more gas. They said:”Well, what kind of mileage are you getting?” And, I had to admit, I didn’t know. I used to know, but recently I was going by how much money I was putting in the tank. That’s when they reminded me that gas had risen in cost to three to four times what it was a few years ago and that this wasn’t sufficient to tell whether I had the same miles per gallon or not! Of course, that seems obvious now. So, I really don’t know what mileage I am getting, but I’m going to find out. At $4/gallon this summer, I’d only have to save five gallons to pay for the wire cart with the pretty wheels and large area for multiple bags. In the meantime, check out how to calculate your gas mileage here. That’s the process I will have to follow to figure out how much it actually costs in miles per gallon to go to the local store and back. I bet the answer is going to surprise me.

*Image courtesy of Flickr Creative Commons by redgoober4life