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Sacred Work and Money

This blog is about my journey from limiting money beliefs to a life of sacred work that not only produces income, but also meaning in my life. I went from a job I detested to working as a freelance writer. The journey was not easy, but it was worthwhile. It completely shifted my reality and I want to teach you how to do the same, except without making the same mistakes I did. Now, I still have some of the same problems that you all have – debt, for one. But, I have something few other people think they have: control over my own destiny. So, the story isn’t over. In a way, it has just begun. The key here is that I still want to do the same thing I’ve concentrated on these last few years: build sustainable wealth in my life without selling my soul.

If you are working in a job you hate and have wondered how to escape this, you may find this blog helpful. There is a way out, but it requires that you change your perception and lifestyle to commit to wealth that not only sustains you, but those around you too.