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Creating Wealth Through Passive Actions

In our culture, we believe that doing and action creates things, specifically: money. Most of that is true. It does take some form of action to put energies into play and manifest a physical result. However, that action doesn’t have to be about aggressive and forceful actions. They can be about passive and non-violent actions.

Take for instance, cable. I just read in here¬†how cable advertisers create revenue by sucking their customers dry and allegedly false advertising that is legalized in their case. Even though the article admits that cable TV is addicting, I think the purpose of the story is to get in an uproar over the unfairness of these practices. I’m the last person to sympathize. I took the passive action of dropping cable TV years ago. I said:”No, I do not want cable, nor do I need it.” Instead of actively pursuing discounts or a different cable company, I dropped the service all together. I can still remember the sound of horror in the customer service representative’s voice when I told her I intended to go “cable-less.” It’s interesting to me that at the time I was paying about $60/month and watching only three channels. If I didn’t pay my bill on time, they added another $30 in late fees. Now, the article states the fees are up over $100/month and $88/month is a bargain. All I can say is, “compared to what?” Compared to $0 a month it’s highway robbery and competely avoidable. There’s $1000 right there you can add to your IRA, just by dropping cable. It doesn’t require that you do anything, just drop it.

The same is true for a myriad of other conveniences we pay through the nose for. We don’t need expensive multi-family cell phone plans that tie us in for two-years at a time. It’s a choice and quite an expensive one at that. When you start to learn the art of passive non-action, you start to figure out just exactly how much money you’ve been wasting all your life.

Do I still watch television? Yes. I get a season of shows on DVDS and I play them on my $30 DVD player when I want to watch tv. No commercials, no cable fees, no late fees, and no hassles or plans. Plus, I don’t have to switch out my TV set just because someone decided it was a good time to make everyone upgrade their televisions and spur the sales of HDTVs. Honestly, it does resemble drug pushing and addicts. Once they get you hooked, you’re going to be hooked forever and they’ll just keep upping the dosages and making you pay more. Just say no. Instead, save the money and build your personal wealth.