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Manifesting Free Laptops

If over two years ago someone had told me it was possible to manifest a free laptop, I would have wanted to know how much I had to pay for such a program. Sadly, there are many “free laptop” baits out on the Internet that have you sign up for a program that eventually costs you more than the laptop. However, I decided several years ago that I create my own reality and even though it took a while to learn how to manifest large items, I have manifested not only one but two free laptops at this point.

Now, I realize manifesting a free laptop is EASY!!! I am very serious. I have no idea why I thought it was hard. In this culture that believes in throwaway electronic products there are tons of people out there trying to get rid of things – including laptops. All you have to do is believe it. If you don’t believe you can manifest a free laptop, you won’t. It’s as simple as that. If you do believe it, you still have to prove it to yourself. I have proven it to myself twice now. I have no doubt I can manifest any number of free laptops I desire, if they are in my highest spiritual good. This isn’t about greed. But, I didn’t get there by starting with a laptop. I started with a penny.

That’s right. I started with one free penny. You might wonder why one penny? It was because I had a belief that others deserved wealth more than me and I realized that I had to be proactive in addressing this belief or I’d never manifest anything, not even an extra penny. So, I went out of my way to take a free penny out of the free penny bowl near cash registers, even when I didn’t need it. This small action immediately imprinted itself in my consciousness and helped me to release the fears associated with receiving money or wealth for small things. Then, I slowly worked my way up to free parking spaces, free food, free anything I could think of to try and manifest. When I realized I wanted a laptop, that was a BIGGIE for me and it took me seven months for someone to volunteer a free laptop for me. However, that is all you need. It took me no time at all to manifest the second one. It came even before I had the urge to really focus on it a lot because I just said,”Oh, I would sure love a laptop with WI-FI on it.” and it appeared when someone got rid of their’s at that time. By that time, I realized I wanted one with WI-FI even though someone had given me a WI-FI device but I couldn’t figure out how to install it. The new free laptop came with a newer version of this device driver which clued me into how to install the older device. Now, I not only have a new free laptop, I also have one with WI-FI.

I’m thinking of manifesting a free new car…