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Can We Heal Humanity and the Planet by Changing the Way We Sell?

24World-Renowned Speakers Come Together for the 7 Graces Telesummit

In February 2008, at the start of the global economic recession, Lynn Serafinn’s television blew up. Six months after she made the decision not to replace it, as she watched everyone around her become more and more stressed about their finances, she suddenly realised she shared none of their anxieties. In fact, she realised her spending had gone down, and that her financial situation had actually improved. She began to wonder if there was a connection between this and the fact that she was no longer consuming a daily dose of the nightly news and television advertising.

It was then that Lynn started asking the question, “Is marketing making us ILL?” And by marketing, she included anything that was in the business of “selling ideas,” including politics and the nightly news.

This began a two-year journey for Lynn, as she researched and wrote her new book, The 7 Graces of Marketing: how to heal humanity and the planet by changing the way we sell. She wanted to discover the unspoken marketing mechanisms that were making our society, our economy and our environment ill. But most of all, she wanted to discover how we human beings could create a new paradigm for marketing, business and living that could heal both humanity and the planet.

And now, Lynn’s ground-breaking book The 7 Graces of Marketing is finally coming to Amazon and all major retailers on December 13th, 2011.

To celebrate the launch of The 7 Graces of Marketing, an illustrious panel of 24 of the world’s leading minds are coming together to discuss how we can bring back ethics and values into business and marketing, so we can start the change the world together at:

The 7 Graces of Marketing Telesummit

A FREE 7-Part Online Happening!

December 6th-9th, 2011

Register FR*EE at http://the7gracesofmarketing.com/free-telesummit

Over the course of four days, you will hear seven dynamic 90-minute discussions on the “7 Deadly Sins” of marketing and their corresponding “7 Graces” from Lynn’s book:

  • Part 1: Disconnection vs. Connection
  • Part 2: Persuasion vs. Inspiration
  • Part 3: Invasion vs. Invitation
  • Part 4: Distraction vs. Directness
  • Part 5: Deception vs. Transparency
  • Part 6: Deception vs. Transparency
  • Part 7: Competition vs. Collaboration

And take a look at this fabulous panel of guest speakers:

1. Joe Vitale – world-renowned media guest; appeared in the film The Secret; bestselling author of The Attractor Factor and dozens more

2. Greg S. Reid – Film maker, speaker, bestselling author of Think and Grow Rich: Three Feet from Gold and many others

3. Eric Pearl – World renowned energy healer, Founder of The Reconnection; author of  The Reconnection: Heal Others, Heal Yourself

4. Dan Hollings – mobile marketing expert; the brains behind the marketing campaign for the film The Secret

5. Pamela Slim – Award-winning author of Escape From Cubicle Nation; speaker; media expert

6. Liz Goodgold – Branding expert, author of Red Fire Branding and DUH! Marketing

7. Allison Maslan – Life and Business Mentor; founder of 9 successful businesses; bestselling author of Blast Off!

8. Suzanne Falter-Barnes – Business and Marketing coach; Co-founder of The Spiritual Marketing Quest

9. Tad Hargrave – Founder of Marketing for Hippies

10. Richard S. Gallagher – Communications skills expert; bestselling author of What to Say to a Porcupine and How to Tell Anyone Anything

11. Ward Vandorpe – International marketer; Founder of Expert Marketeer

12. Misa Hopkins – Consultant, author of The Root of All Healing; Spiritual Director of the New Dream Foundation

13. Barbara Altemus – Producer of The Calling; author of The Gift of Pain

14. Andrea Conway – Attraction Marketing Coach, marketing executive

15. Renee Baribeau – “The Practical Shaman;” Director of Desert Holistic Network

16. Renee Duran – Graphic designer; web developer; former advertising art/creative director; designed the book cover of The 7 Graces of Marketing

17. Michael Drew – Book marketer; speaker; Founder of Promote a Book

18. Jeffrey Van Dyk – Business and Marketing Coach; Co-founder of The Spiritual Marketing Quest 1

19. Chris Arnold – Award-winning creative innovator; expert in ethical marketing; author of Ethical Marketing and the New Consumer

20. Kate Osborne – PR at Solarus Foundation; resident author for More To Life Magazine; former editor of Kindred Spirit Magazine

21. Tanya Paluso – Empowerment mentor; community leader; Leader of Tribal Truths

22. Shelagh Jones – marketer and Founder of Spiritus Spiritual Marketing Directory

23. Paula Tarrant – Transformation and Transition Coach; Founder of Inspired Women Work

24. And, of course, Lynn Serafinn, author of The 7 Graces of Marketing

This special 7-part telesummit is Lynn’s FREE gift to you, to celebrate the launch of her book, which is coming Tuesday December 13th, 2011.

Register at http://the7gracesofmarketing.com/free-telesummit

During the broadcast, Lynn be telling you how you can receive a complete library of beautiful free gifts, kindly offered by dozens of her friends and colleagues, when you buy The 7 Graces of Marketing in paperback or Kindle from Amazon on December 13th. AND when you buy the book on the day of the launch, Lynn will also give you the complete set of MP3 downloads—that’s 10 hours of content-rich audio from 24 international thought leaders—absolutely free. And as a special gift, Lynn is also offering a full 1-year membership to her new 7 Graces Global Community starting in 2012, where you will be invited to hear exclusive interviews with thought leaders throughout the year, so we can all work together to shift the paradigm of business and marketing. If you can’t make the live event, do register anyway, because Lynn will send you the links to listen to the audio playback. This is a topic that is so needed in this transitional point in our history, this event promises to be THE online event of 2011. I hope you will join us online on December 6th-9th.

Again, the link to register free is http://the7gracesofmarketing.com/free-telesummit


Holding to Divine Perfection in all Things

skywalkIn a Buddhist sense, all attachments are bad, in a marketing sense once someone creates a habit that brings them back to you again and again, that’s good.  My struggle has always been having good habits that generate bad results.  It’s like when you love something too much, it sets you up for disappointment.  There’s no way something good can always be great as all things change and are temporary, another great Buddhist tidbit to remember when good things fall apart. Does that mean that I shouldn’t cultivate good things in my life, though? Does it mean that all our struggle for progress is an illusion that is utterly meaningless in the grand scheme of things? Sometimes it feels that way, especially when you pour your heart and soul into something that ultimately fails to return the investment.

Holding to the Inner Perfection

What I’ve slowly come to realize is that this life is imperfect. All of physical reality is flawed, in a sense. It came out of the Great Source and descended into physicality.  It holds the blueprint of perfection, but humankind’s actions in the world have made it an imperfect creation.  And, yet, if you meditate on it and stare into all things deeply, there within it is the Divine. The perfect Divine is in all things. It’s quite a paradox how imperfection can reside alongside perfection. The interesting thing is we get to choose what we see when we look at something.  When we choose to look with eyes of love, we see perfection, and we actually bring that creation forward into the Divine blueprint in the outer reality again as it responds to that vibration of love.

Why We Love Beauty

There are some social ideals that resonate with Divine perfection.  Beauty is one such ideal. I will admit I didn’t realize it until I started researching a particular demographic on Facebook for marketing purposes by putting up a matching profile. I couldn’t put up a picture of myself because it didn’t match the demographic I was researching, so I went online and found a  picture of a model in that ethnic group and then added it.  Since I’m not particularly beautiful on the outside, I was really surprised to come back a few months later to see what had happened.  There were numerous requests for friendship from total strangers, both male and female.  There were tons of sexual comments too. Despite the fact that I wasn’t even online for months on that profile, people flocked to it and interacted with it like I was really this person even if I appeared to be a deaf-mute online.  It was quite an education.  Now, you might think that just proves our society is highly superficial, but I would suggest it goes deeper. I would suggest the ideal of beauty is as close to physical perfection that resonates with our desire to connect back to the Divine in life.  We’re just expressing it imperfectly.  It’s these sorts of things we need to look at and demand their perfection again. I really think it means the salvation of our society to look again and see the Divine in all things. To find those things that have been corrupted, dust them off, and in our mind’s eye view the perfect expression of that thing as it should appear in our reality. By doing so, we attract others into the same vision and they literally take the ball and run off with it!

List-Making For The Non-Detail Oriented

Listography {Your Life in Lists}Yep, that’s me! I am a systems type of person and though I can read the details probably better than anyone, it’s not the highlight of my life. So, why am I now touting the power of lists? It came to my attention when I first started my appreciation and gratitude exercise. I started it by listing the things I appreciate every morning. Well, being a writer, I found the list actually spurred my creative juices and so I decided it might be good to try list making for other types of activities.

One of the biggest issues this year has been my inability to keep my sales funnel full of work. I get so involved with a project, I forget to do the marketing I need to bring in more work when that project is done. So, the last time I had a lull in work, I decided to start by making a list of all kinds of articles I would like to write and proceeded to waste my time writing them. It was a great way to get some good ideas, but it still didn’t lead to a heck of a lot more work for me. That work is just sitting there waiting for someone to buy it because I didn’t cultivate the market first.

What it did do was spur me into thinking about changing the entire way I do business. Instead of doing work, I thought I would do marketing and motivate someone else to do work during lull periods by getting lists together of all the places where I can create excitement and opportunities for more work to come in and marketing for both of us. I did find two people so far, who are going to do that with me, but it took me actually sitting down to generate lists of potential markets to convince someone else that it’s a good idea for them too. So, now I am really sold on lists and I think my office is going to start to look like that list of the delegate counts that the Democrats had going for a while. I want to start creating multiple lists of contacts, work venues, article topics, keywords, other writers, and see if I can put them together in a systems way to create a money making machine that doesn’t sputter out when I happen to fall asleep at my computer.

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Apps, Widgets, and Virtual Hugs – Oh, My!

primping at 2 amI am deep in the heart of virtual accessorizing my different online profiles. I’ve received, one virtual rose, found out how to put YouTube videos in my website, and am discovering the interesting world of high-tech fashion online. Gosh, I almost feel as if I have to primp in front of a mirror every time I enter another web site. All of this stuff is downright fascinating, if it’s not time-consuming, but there is a method to all this madness.

We Love Who We Are

Did you know that the top reason people communicate on social networking sites is to communicate some sort of identity? That’s right! That’s the reason people join these sites, the reason they are so popular, and why it’s very important to have the right image on them, depending on your needs. After all, it isn’t just you looking at the profile. There are a ton of people who might visit it, including potential future employers. For me, it is often my clients and so they want to see that I am a professional writer or my spiritual resume, and many of these sites can show just that. So, today, I was also offered a virtual drink, which I declined. I don’t drink that much in real life and I want my profile to be as authentic as it can be. To show up with multiple drinks would be a little inappropriate for who I am, considering my sites are about spiritual and professional aspects of who I am.

Marketing On Social Networks

When people click with your identity, they really buy in to who you are. In marketing terms, you already have someone interested in doing business with you. You build up a contact list based on all those seemingly frivolous interactions with roses, virtual hugs, or common interests. And, this is at the very heart of good marketing – to have some sort of empathic connection with people so that they trust you. Since you can’t shake their hand or look them in the eye, in a conventional sense, some of these applications and widgets serve the same purpose. We’ve just started to figure out how social networking is changing the marketing landscape, but one this is for sure, it’s still about the human connection.

*Image Courtesy of Flickr Creative Commons license by blinkbyblink

TurboTax Marketing Labyrinth

This is the product I normally use to do my taxes: TurboTax Home & Business Federal + State 2007.

I used to buy the package at the store and go through all the rebate nightmares, but now I find I like the online version much better. This year, I came across something very interesting in the way they’ve marketed their product. If you keep a close eye on their promotions, you can save some big money on the the product itself!

Using Rewards or Perk Programs

So, I am a member of the Borders Rewards program. They recently signed me up for their Perks program. It turns out they are offering 30% off TurboTax just for going through their portal when you do your taxes. Since signup for Borders card is free and it cost me nothing to join the Perks program, I’d say I’ll take them up on that offer! But, wait…I had already started to do my taxes online with TurboTax before I got this little tid bit in my email. Could I still use it?

It took me a while to figure out, but the answer appears to be yes! It asks you when you get back to the site if you already have an account with TurboTax and I did. I don’t know if this is because they can’t tell who was a past customer from previous years or whether it was because they don’t want complaints from people midway through their taxes that they didn’t get the discount! Anyways, I tried it several ways just to see what price popped up on their website.

Referral Sites With Discounts

Going to the website directly by typing up Turbotax’s url, I got a nice listing of products but no Home and Business. In it’s place was something called Personal Pro at a whopping $99.95. I think they’re hoping you’ll give up doing your taxes on your own, if you own a business and get their tax professionals to do it for you. So, by strategically placing this there instead of the Home and Business product, they make a few sales. If you have to click elsewhere to find the actual product you used last year, you might simply think they no longer offer it and your choices are limited. However, if you look for more of their products, you finally locate their Home and Business product and it is $74.95 regularly, not including the State file. Now, the interesting thing is that the above link I gave through Amazon is offering the same product for $69.99 with the State File.

Now, here’s the thing I really don’t get. The same place that sent me the Perks card for Borders is affiliated with Amazon. When you click on their help icon, it takes you to Amazon.com. So, what the heck? How come you can get the TurboTax Home and Business for $52.45 through them? I guess that’s why they call it a perk! It still doesn’t include the state filing, however, and I am not sure it won’t end up being more than $69.99 when all is said and done. Check out all of Amazon’s tax deals here My head is starting to hurt, and I haven’t even attempted to finish my taxes yet!

Always Walk Through The Right Door

At any rate, just remember, if you don’t complete your taxes in that session, you will have to access your portal again to get the same prices. They switch them depending on who is referring you and their website home pages changes accordingly. It’s like a little tax labyrinth to make our tax experience even more enjoyable this season! Regardless, I love TurboTax and think they are the best product out there. Saving a little money is nice too, though, even for a regular customer like me.