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Holding to Divine Perfection in all Things

skywalkIn a Buddhist sense, all attachments are bad, in a marketing sense once someone creates a habit that brings them back to you again and again, that’s good.  My struggle has always been having good habits that generate bad results.  It’s like when you love something too much, it sets you up for disappointment.  There’s no way something good can always be great as all things change and are temporary, another great Buddhist tidbit to remember when good things fall apart. Does that mean that I shouldn’t cultivate good things in my life, though? Does it mean that all our struggle for progress is an illusion that is utterly meaningless in the grand scheme of things? Sometimes it feels that way, especially when you pour your heart and soul into something that ultimately fails to return the investment.

Holding to the Inner Perfection

What I’ve slowly come to realize is that this life is imperfect. All of physical reality is flawed, in a sense. It came out of the Great Source and descended into physicality.  It holds the blueprint of perfection, but humankind’s actions in the world have made it an imperfect creation.  And, yet, if you meditate on it and stare into all things deeply, there within it is the Divine. The perfect Divine is in all things. It’s quite a paradox how imperfection can reside alongside perfection. The interesting thing is we get to choose what we see when we look at something.  When we choose to look with eyes of love, we see perfection, and we actually bring that creation forward into the Divine blueprint in the outer reality again as it responds to that vibration of love.

Why We Love Beauty

There are some social ideals that resonate with Divine perfection.  Beauty is one such ideal. I will admit I didn’t realize it until I started researching a particular demographic on Facebook for marketing purposes by putting up a matching profile. I couldn’t put up a picture of myself because it didn’t match the demographic I was researching, so I went online and found a  picture of a model in that ethnic group and then added it.  Since I’m not particularly beautiful on the outside, I was really surprised to come back a few months later to see what had happened.  There were numerous requests for friendship from total strangers, both male and female.  There were tons of sexual comments too. Despite the fact that I wasn’t even online for months on that profile, people flocked to it and interacted with it like I was really this person even if I appeared to be a deaf-mute online.  It was quite an education.  Now, you might think that just proves our society is highly superficial, but I would suggest it goes deeper. I would suggest the ideal of beauty is as close to physical perfection that resonates with our desire to connect back to the Divine in life.  We’re just expressing it imperfectly.  It’s these sorts of things we need to look at and demand their perfection again. I really think it means the salvation of our society to look again and see the Divine in all things. To find those things that have been corrupted, dust them off, and in our mind’s eye view the perfect expression of that thing as it should appear in our reality. By doing so, we attract others into the same vision and they literally take the ball and run off with it!

Finding Our Inspiration

Vancouver B.C. - Stanley Park's Painters Circle "Yuri Gordon"My productivity is taking a dive, as obvious as it is with this blog that seems to be really haphazard now. I’ve been contemplating motivation for a long time. Many of us are motivated by money, since that’s important to having nice things in our lives.  Others are motivated by achievements. Still others by security. Entrepreneurs can be motivated by the first two and then also the thrill of risk, not security. Much of what we  value depends on where we find ourselves in life, and what motivates us. I thought maybe I wanted more security and so I got a part-time job. That’s really been helpful for sorting out my feelings about where I want my life to go, now that my daughter is all grown up and that part of my motivation is waning. I feel a sense of curiosity about my world and my surroundings that I haven’t in a while, and I realize that curiosity is always what gets me in trouble, but seems to be part of my main intent in life.

Are You Bored of the Same Old?

I do a lot of online reading in social networks, blogs, newspapers, and books. I have a very quick mind, but often that can lead to boredom.  I enjoy tasks that are both left and right-brained at the same time, and I realize that much of that is because I get bored otherwise. Online teaching marries both of those and I enjoy it a lot, but now I’m actually feeling something strange: a desire to build my own courses. It’s almost as bad as the feeling of wanting to write another book. These things are like giving birth to babies who are dependent on you to sustain them for many years, and because of my financial situation, it’s a high risk for me. I need some stability to pay back debts and yet, I’m having the rather overwhelming desire to be productive in an area that, frankly, won’t return anything for years, if at all.

If I Were Smart?

I’m studying new markets for freelance writing right now. There are some areas that I could obviously make money on if I wanted to write sex novels or fear mongering articles. Problem is that I don’t want to do those things, and I often wonder when the heck people will get tired of all that anyways. I mean isn’t there enough of that in the market to saturate it? What the heck is so appealing about it? Why is it that people get hooked on stuff like that but positive stuff doesn’t have an addicting quality? That’s when I realized that therein lies the root problem of my lack of motivation lately. The social norms right now are extremely unappealing to me. I want beauty, riches, happiness, and positivity in my life. That other stuff may sell, but at what price? All that outer stuff is having the opposite effect on my creativity and inspiration, instead of motivating me it makes me want to put down my pen, so to speak, and remain silent. Now, I understand why I took all those years to nurture and cultivate an inner connection to Spirit, realizing it wasn’t producing a single dollar bill and sometimes heavily indebting myself in other areas of my life. It’s the only place I find inspiration and hope.

Finding My Inner Inspiration

The inner me is what gives me my Source of inspiration and the trick to actually getting it out of me and multiplying my inner world is probably my key to spirit wealth.  Yes, it has no dollar value.  It does increase my joy in my daily actions.  However, something occurred to me more. It also inspires others and helps people to cooperate in innovation by producing a better vision of the world around us and claiming it Now.  It’s a way of manifesting a powerful world vision that can go “viral” and infect others as we bring things out of the hidden resources into the light of conscious reality. Isn’t that what all great art is about?