Monthly Archives: March 2010

Spring is here, time to plant…

SeedsThe seasons are a great way to learn the cycle of manifestation. In spring, it’s time to plant. I have learned more about creating income and value from doing a garden, than just about anything else. It’s a shame the majority of people in our culture have no idea what it actually takes to get something to grow and that’s the main reason our economy has stalled. We’re a nation of consumers, not producers, and that all has to change if we want to create wealth in the future.

Having Faith in the Power of the Seed

One of the biggest things I’ve learned from planting is to have faith that what you plant will eventually produce fruit. It may not produce fruit right away, but eventually it will. That’s because some seeds don’t produce fruit for several years, like fruit trees, and others produce them within the same season, like cucumbers. When you start to plant seeds, you adopt a very long view and you’re careful about what you plant and when you expect it to mature. You have to plan ahead.

Planning To Consciously Reap What You Sow

People tend to think of karma as a bad thing. They say:”Oh, karma sucks!” However, karma is just a natural law, and it’s best stated as “You reap what you sow.” Therefore, it’s neither bad nor good. It’s completely indifferent. It just takes the energies that you’ve sown and produces fruit in kind and serves them back up to you. After all, you wouldn’t expect to plant figs in your garden and reap oranges, now would you? Well, it’s actually a law that you can apply monetarily, too. If you plant things that produce income, then you reap wealth, as long as you’re not planting more things that consume assets or indebt you. That’s as easy as it gets.

I Challenge You To Grow a Garden

You will be amazed at the skills you learn when growing a garden that can be used in your financial life. A garden takes attention and planning, just like budgeting and financial planning. You have to really understand what you’re planting and nurture it with the requirements it needs in order to produce food. In addition, there are natural predators that will want to consume what you produce before you can put it on the table. This is also an interesting lesson in how to protect your assets. At some point, you’ll start to understand more about wealth from actually doing, than all the self-help books around. Give it a try. It will be worth it.