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The Importance of Natural Flow

If you are attempting to move from a corporate job to being self-employed, you will have to completely re-learn how to work. Being self-employed gives one a lot of liberty to work any time of day or night. This can have its advantages and disadvantages. The key is to learn how to work to take advantage of your own natural flow. If you work best in the evenings, then there’s nothing wrong with scheduling your day to commence later than 9 A.M. This, however, is just one aspect of natural flow. There is a group natural flow as well.

We’re going to discuss two models of wealth flow: service-to-self and service-to-others. Most corporate jobs are based on a service-to-self model and they work for large, hierarchal, organizations. They also tend to be highly competitive and most people aren’t too happy with their jobs.

The natural flow I use is service-to-other. It is just a choice, but it is a conscious choice for me. I choose this type of natural flow because it is consistent with my own being. I am not a type “A” personality and my life goals tend to be about facilitating growth in others. Thus, service-to-other fits me well. The thing is that when you do this model, you do have to take account of your own needs. Many people who are service-to-other oriented think that means they have to be martyrs. It’s not so. You only have to engage a natural flow that sustains others as you get your own needs met. That means you can make a profit in a service-to-other flow, but a portion of that profit HAS TO be directed back towards the community to keep that flow moving. If the flow stops, like when an organization fails to provide service back to the community or their contributors, that’s when you see this type of organization fold. The universe is only too willing to provide us with what we need, if we are equally as liberal with how we allow our energy to serve others. This creates sustainable wealth in a community. If any group is divided between service-to-self and service-to-others they end up having trouble pushing their goals to completion.

The concept of natural flow is important in not only how our own energy flows, but how the group energy we attach ourselves to is flowing as well. Ideally, the two should match for the best results.