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Health Insurance, Bankruptcy, And The Power Of Community

HCAN Rapid Response Columbus 7/22/08Everyone thinks that health insurance is there to keep them solvent should they get sick, but it doesn’t work that way. I’ve talked to far too many people who got seriously sick and could no longer work and when they lost their jobs, they lost their insurance. My friend with the brain tumor is starting to figure this out: The system is stacked against people who get sick, especially if they have health insurance through an employer.

The Statistics

It’s pretty sad, but statistics in a Harvard study published in Health Affairs, pointed to half of all bankruptcies in 2001 coming from medical debt. Of those that went bankrupt due to medical bills, three quarters were for people who at one time had health insurance. If that’s not enough to make you sit up and take notice, nothing will. Health insurance is really no insurance that 1) You will be able to pay all your bills, if you get seriously ill, and 2) That they will cover all the medicines and treatments that you need.

Opt For Community Support To Help Meet the Shortfall

That’s where local community based programs in your area and getting informed on any financial programs for your particular disease become highly important. We’ve decided to work with a program called Project Compassion, here in NC, to establish a support team of volunteers for my friend. Along with that, we are beginning to look over some of the financial assistance available for people with brain tumors. I found a comprehensive list here: Financial Assistance List from The American Brain Tumor Association . I’m sure there are other such lists for different diseases, depending on what you have.

Your Neighborly Experts

And, a network of people who have gone through the system helps too. Right now, we have one person who has gone through the process of collecting disability with the Social Security office for a member of her family who also had a brain tumor. Her understanding of the system will be invaluable. The way I found out about Project Compassion was through another friend who had to set up a support team for a friend of hers who had a stroke and had some cognitive deficits and needed round-the-clock care. He was uninsured when he had the stroke, yet they managed to take care of him and he is doing quite well in the community now. We can’t rely on the government programs, the health insurance system, or any other profit-oriented system to help in these types of cases. It really requires community support, since the United States refuses to put a national health care system into place that will make these types of cases the exception, and not the norm.

Contact Professionals, If You Need To

Yet another friend told me that when he got into a car accident and his wife became ill, he applied for disability and it took over four years to get it. They amassed over $200,000 in medical debt, in the meantime. He eventually hired a lawyer to submit all the proper paperwork, in exchange for some of the back pay on the benefits they were refusing to give him. He said he was later told that 99% of all Social Security disability claims are automatically rejected UNLESS there is an attorney who submits them. Then, they go into a different pile where they are given the attention they deserve. Is that true? I don’t know that we can doubt it at this point, seeing how incredibly callous our governmental policies and health insurance companies tend to be. I think that where something demands compassion, the care should never be organized nor implemented by profit-driven companies or agencies. It’s absolutely nuts.

Build Community Now, Don’t Wait Until It’s Too Late

So, build your network of friends, a loving community, now, because when times get tough, you know that’s what it takes to get you by. And, if you can’t be bothered to participate to help someone else when they are in dire straits, that sort of thing eventually changes when you’re the one in dire need. It’s a good thing to cultivate compassion now, while we can be thankful for all the good things in our lives – like perfect health.

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Health and Spirit Wealth

flax-seed.jpgSo sorry for the lag. My friend who went into brain surgery is out but he needed some round the clock care and we were getting it organized. While I intend on adding new material here for generating spiritual wealth, it does help to talk about some of what I am experiencing here. It always amazes me about our medical system in the United States. We have one of the worst medical systems and yet we’re one of the richest countries. Riches apparently don’t have much impact on our ability to enjoy good health or to care for others properly. In fact, it seems when people get sick these days, the first thing hospitals do is try to think of absolutely the worst thing wrong with you and then work their way backwards. The sad truth is that every patient that comes in with a brain tumor is a gold mine for that hospital. They get to charge the patient’s insurance tons of money. It makes me wonder whether our system is geared to keep us sick instead of healthy.

Dr. Budwig

Well, there are alternative treatments for cancer, whether it is in the brain or the big toe. There is a strong dietary connection to cancer that even the American Cancer Society will admit. The problem is that despite the research, some even by very notable people, this type of information is not provided to patients right away. Instead, they go in and do all kinds of invasive treatments. They might suggest you stop eating sugar, but they don’t really tell you that sugars are different depending on whether they are simple or complex sugars. They don’t tell you that a diet high in meat is cancerous. They don’t tell you that cleansing and detoxing can fortify your body. I think they know practically nothing about alternative healing methods, especially because they don’t come with a way to bill your insurance for them. So, why bother telling you about them?

There is a notable physician by the name of Dr. Johanna Budwig who developed a dietary plan for even terminally ill cancer patients and had great success with it. Apparently, the German medical establishment freaked about her use of “cottage cheese and flaxseed oil” because it was too simplistic and couldn’t be patented. She used this, as well as other parts of dietary program, to treat multiple cancer patients to fortify their body and help aerate cells with what she said was a “90% cure rate.” They took her to court because doctors can’t claim cures that aren’t medically proven but eventually dropped charges and tried to hide the research instead. You’ll never see a clinical study on this because who would pay for such a study? The bottom line is it’s not profitable for anyone except people who make cottage cheese and flaxseed oil and no one will believe them. It has to come from a medical group. Is this a miracle cure? It’s anyone’s guess at this point because the profit motive that drives our capitalistic system isn’t interested in answering that question. But, I do know that I used flaxseed oil and diet to cure myself of something considered “incurable.” I got the diet plan from a cancer survivor who also used a similar diet. So, those who know pass the information along, since our health professionals aren’t legally able to do it. Once you cure your own body through natural healing methods or diet, you tend to distrust anything any medical professional has to tell you.

Are There Any Incurable Diseases?

From a conventional standpoint, there are. From a holistic, natural healing viewpoint there are no incurable diseases. The reason for this is that the body heals itself. There are only people with energetic imbalances that can always be set right if we treat the entire body/mind/spirit complex instead of just the disease. Of course, if you are sitting in a doctor’s office and they are telling you that you will end up on dialysis, in the cancer ward, or dead, it’s pretty hard to realize that there are no incurable diseases and to look for holistic healing methods. They scare the pants off of you to get you to agree to treatment. By the time they are done pumping you full of pharmaceuticals, you are sicker than when you started.

Spiritual Wealth Includes Good Diet

If you are looking to have a beautiful, wealthy, life then you have to include your dietary health too. Spirit is affected by what you put in your body. The body is not separate from the spirit and they work in symbiotic relationship. If you put unhealthy food in your mouth, it does have an affect on your ability to generate spiritual wealth and happiness. And, in fact, most people in spiritual circles naturally tend to reduce their meat intake and gravitate to the proper foods simply because the body begins to reject the foods outright. They either can no longer digest them or they have allergic reactions to them. This is perfectly naturally if you are progressing on a spiritual path. Different foods have different vibratory frequencies and when you have a brighter magnetic field that resonates at a higher spiritual level, some foods will naturally become inedible to you. If you ignore that signal and keep eating those foods, you end up sick. So, even though I had a week of comfort food, this whole thing has really bought me back to my natural diet and started me back towards paying more attention to my health.

*Image courtesy of Flickr Creative Commons license by papertygre