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Creating Wealth Through Passive Actions

In our culture, we believe that doing and action creates things, specifically: money. Most of that is true. It does take some form of action to put energies into play and manifest a physical result. However, that action doesn’t have to be about aggressive and forceful actions. They can be about passive and non-violent actions.

Take for instance, cable. I just read in here how cable advertisers create revenue by sucking their customers dry and allegedly false advertising that is legalized in their case. Even though the article admits that cable TV is addicting, I think the purpose of the story is to get in an uproar over the unfairness of these practices. I’m the last person to sympathize. I took the passive action of dropping cable TV years ago. I said:”No, I do not want cable, nor do I need it.” Instead of actively pursuing discounts or a different cable company, I dropped the service all together. I can still remember the sound of horror in the customer service representative’s voice when I told her I intended to go “cable-less.” It’s interesting to me that at the time I was paying about $60/month and watching only three channels. If I didn’t pay my bill on time, they added another $30 in late fees. Now, the article states the fees are up over $100/month and $88/month is a bargain. All I can say is, “compared to what?” Compared to $0 a month it’s highway robbery and competely avoidable. There’s $1000 right there you can add to your IRA, just by dropping cable. It doesn’t require that you do anything, just drop it.

The same is true for a myriad of other conveniences we pay through the nose for. We don’t need expensive multi-family cell phone plans that tie us in for two-years at a time. It’s a choice and quite an expensive one at that. When you start to learn the art of passive non-action, you start to figure out just exactly how much money you’ve been wasting all your life.

Do I still watch television? Yes. I get a season of shows on DVDS and I play them on my $30 DVD player when I want to watch tv. No commercials, no cable fees, no late fees, and no hassles or plans. Plus, I don’t have to switch out my TV set just because someone decided it was a good time to make everyone upgrade their televisions and spur the sales of HDTVs. Honestly, it does resemble drug pushing and addicts. Once they get you hooked, you’re going to be hooked forever and they’ll just keep upping the dosages and making you pay more. Just say no. Instead, save the money and build your personal wealth.

The Importance of Natural Flow

If you are attempting to move from a corporate job to being self-employed, you will have to completely re-learn how to work. Being self-employed gives one a lot of liberty to work any time of day or night. This can have its advantages and disadvantages. The key is to learn how to work to take advantage of your own natural flow. If you work best in the evenings, then there’s nothing wrong with scheduling your day to commence later than 9 A.M. This, however, is just one aspect of natural flow. There is a group natural flow as well.

We’re going to discuss two models of wealth flow: service-to-self and service-to-others. Most corporate jobs are based on a service-to-self model and they work for large, hierarchal, organizations. They also tend to be highly competitive and most people aren’t too happy with their jobs.

The natural flow I use is service-to-other. It is just a choice, but it is a conscious choice for me. I choose this type of natural flow because it is consistent with my own being. I am not a type “A” personality and my life goals tend to be about facilitating growth in others. Thus, service-to-other fits me well. The thing is that when you do this model, you do have to take account of your own needs. Many people who are service-to-other oriented think that means they have to be martyrs. It’s not so. You only have to engage a natural flow that sustains others as you get your own needs met. That means you can make a profit in a service-to-other flow, but a portion of that profit HAS TO be directed back towards the community to keep that flow moving. If the flow stops, like when an organization fails to provide service back to the community or their contributors, that’s when you see this type of organization fold. The universe is only too willing to provide us with what we need, if we are equally as liberal with how we allow our energy to serve others. This creates sustainable wealth in a community. If any group is divided between service-to-self and service-to-others they end up having trouble pushing their goals to completion.

The concept of natural flow is important in not only how our own energy flows, but how the group energy we attach ourselves to is flowing as well. Ideally, the two should match for the best results.

Does Money Equal Wealth?

One thing about creating wealth is that one shouldn’t focus on money. Yes, I realize that most of you are snorting in disbelief, but it’s true. It’s actually counter-productive to focus on money when you are trying to create wealth. I know, I’ve done it. See, it’s all in how you concentrate as to what you eventually manifest. If you focus on money, what you create is a lack of money and additional money problems. I am completely serious. The problem then becomes, if you aren’t supposed to focus on the money, what do you concentrate on to generate wealth? Isn’t money how you create wealth?

Difference Between Wealth And Money

Money is a form of wealth, but it is not how you create wealth. If you look at people who you consider rich, are they people with lots of money or are they people who are enjoying life and living it to the fullest? Probably both, since we are ingrained to believe that money=wealth. However, now take those rich people with lots of money and put yourself in their place. Anna Nicole Smith – would you have wanted to be her? Not me! Why? Look at all the lawsuits and tabloid problems she had. She had no privacy and for me privacy is something I value highly. If I have lots of cash and no privacy, then I am really not wealthy. I am poor. There are plenty of stories of heiresses and the like who would have traded their money for authentic friendships. It seems people with lots of cash have trouble getting friends who aren’t interested in their money. There are even more studies that show that people who win the lottery end up losing their money shortly and being worse off than before, due to attracting large problems that came with the money. Look at Richard on Survivor who failed to pay his taxes! Rich and in jail.

What To Concentrate On

So, am I knocking money? Absolutely not! Money pays off debt and that’s like buying freedom. Money can facilitate more opportunities in your life, but those same opportunities exist irregardless of the cash in your hand. It’s a matter of focusing on manifesting them, instead of the money. If you focus on getting rich instead of being wealthy, you end up focusing on little pieces of paper that can come with a lot of trouble. So, what is it that you want to buy with this money? That’s the key to your wealth. That’s where your heart is. It’s not where your bank account or money is, that’s just a bunch of numbers and paper. It doesn’t even really exist, only in your mind. So, what do you think you want to do with this money when you have it? This is the MIND OBSTACLE. You place the acquisition of money as a requirement for wealth to show up, instead of focusing on the final result. That’s what you really need to be concentrating on.

For example, if you want a new laptop (like I did) you don’t go to the store to check out the prices and figure out how much they will cost. That means you are concentrating on just how big an obstacle you want to create for yourself. Instead, if you do go to the store, you go to find out the features and which ones you like best – the price is irrelevant! You aren’t going there to buy a laptop, you’re going there to fine tune how you manifest one. Once you know which one you’d love to have, start talking about it. This focuses your mind on this particular object of wealth you want in your life. Put the word “free” in your conversation. I desire to have a free VAIO laptop with wireless and blah, blah, blah. Keep the good feeling on how it would feel to have such a nice laptop and then, forget about it! The mind isn’t doing the work here. We don’t care how much it costs because we’re not focusing on the money. We’re focusing on the laptop. Just trust that the Universe can provide for any desire that you have. When that laptop shows up, you will be wondering what the heck you paid money for anything in the past… Then, you will start working on removing mind obstacles, rather than catering to mass beliefs that insist money=wealth.

What I’ve Done

This has worked for me, over and over. Now, I do have debt, and this is a bit different thing to figure out. How do I focus on a zero debt balance without focusing on money? Still a bit of a dilemma, but I’m sure I’ll figure it out. In the meantime, there’s nothing wrong with using money to pay those bills while you meditate on creating wealth in other places.

Things are important only in how they generate a fuller life. If the laptop weren’t necessary for me to do my graduate studies and freelance writing, I wouldn’t have cared a hoot about manifesting one. Wealth is only important on how it meets your goals in life. If you just want to impress other people, then this formula will not work. You have to have your Spirit completely in line with your Mind to be able to manifest things and remove obstacles in your life. That’s when you reach a state of Divine Mind where everything is free and your only limits are in how much you dare to create…

Buy Time And Pay Off Debt

Many of us are hearing about a tax rebate package the Federal government is mulling over. Or, maybe you are looking forward to a fat refund check on your taxes. Either way, here is a strategy I have been contemplating for this year. The idea is simple: the problem with debt isn’t paying it back, it’s paying it back on time. Yeah, we don’t want to keep big balances around, but what really kicks most people in the butt is when they make a late payment and end up with late fees and a large interest rate. So, why not learn to build in time into your accounts? That’s what I’ve decided to do with this year’s tax refund.

Mostly, what I’ve done in the past is pay off debt that I’ve accumulated in the past year in one fell swoop. However, I was thinking that I’ve become disciplined enough to employ a new strategy in order to buy something that we never seem to have enough of: time. I am going to take the same amount and put it in an interest bearing account. Then, since I only carry a low-interest credit card, I will continue to make my monthly payments with an additional lump taken from this account. What this does is it will buy me time, in the event that I have some other emergency down the line.

Here’s the strategy I’ve devised. Say I have an extra $2000 and I want to put it all towards debt. Instead of paying the debt off at once, I will divide this amount into say five payments of $400 each.  Then, I will continue to make my regularly scheduled payment PLUS $400. I will devote it to one debt in particular and that way, I should be able to not only knock-off a large amount of debt, but I also buy time ON MY OTHER BILLS. See, knowing that I have this extra cushion around will keep me from feeling like I am living paycheck-to-paycheck, a huge psychological advantage for the cost of my credit card interest rate (which is really low). If I even put the money in an interest-bearing account, the interest on the account might pay off the interest on the card, and it’s a complete wash.  The only thing that will change is my perception of how much money I have as a backup cushion, should something go wrong. This builds up trust and confidence, even though I have not changed the actual amount of money I am playing with or have.

Manifesting Free Laptops

If over two years ago someone had told me it was possible to manifest a free laptop, I would have wanted to know how much I had to pay for such a program. Sadly, there are many “free laptop” baits out on the Internet that have you sign up for a program that eventually costs you more than the laptop. However, I decided several years ago that I create my own reality and even though it took a while to learn how to manifest large items, I have manifested not only one but two free laptops at this point.

Now, I realize manifesting a free laptop is EASY!!! I am very serious. I have no idea why I thought it was hard. In this culture that believes in throwaway electronic products there are tons of people out there trying to get rid of things – including laptops. All you have to do is believe it. If you don’t believe you can manifest a free laptop, you won’t. It’s as simple as that. If you do believe it, you still have to prove it to yourself. I have proven it to myself twice now. I have no doubt I can manifest any number of free laptops I desire, if they are in my highest spiritual good. This isn’t about greed. But, I didn’t get there by starting with a laptop. I started with a penny.

That’s right. I started with one free penny. You might wonder why one penny? It was because I had a belief that others deserved wealth more than me and I realized that I had to be proactive in addressing this belief or I’d never manifest anything, not even an extra penny. So, I went out of my way to take a free penny out of the free penny bowl near cash registers, even when I didn’t need it. This small action immediately imprinted itself in my consciousness and helped me to release the fears associated with receiving money or wealth for small things. Then, I slowly worked my way up to free parking spaces, free food, free anything I could think of to try and manifest. When I realized I wanted a laptop, that was a BIGGIE for me and it took me seven months for someone to volunteer a free laptop for me. However, that is all you need. It took me no time at all to manifest the second one. It came even before I had the urge to really focus on it a lot because I just said,”Oh, I would sure love a laptop with WI-FI on it.” and it appeared when someone got rid of their’s at that time. By that time, I realized I wanted one with WI-FI even though someone had given me a WI-FI device but I couldn’t figure out how to install it. The new free laptop came with a newer version of this device driver which clued me into how to install the older device. Now, I not only have a new free laptop, I also have one with WI-FI.

I’m thinking of manifesting a free new car…

Clearing Energetic Blocks To Manifesting Wealth

Our emotions are a clear communication of Spirit talking to our conscious mind. Unfortunately, our Western culture has taught us to deny our emotions or to ignore them all together. This even happens with people, like me, who are very aware of the role of emotions in creating our reality. Sometimes, though, our cultural preferences sneak in and we end up with a blind spot.

A few days now I have felt somewhat bored. This isn’t an energy I normally engage and I am usually very active in many areas. Recently, however, I noticed a continuing dropping of energy in my surroundings and a clear stillness approaching. This can mean one of two things: I am blocking or I am ending a stage and starting a new one. So, I attempted to expand into new areas, but the stillness remained. In order to achieve wealth, one should always be in a natural flow, which can start from stillness to final physical action and creation, but one doesn’t want to end up spending too much time being lethargic and stalled either.

Instinctively, I knew that I was procrastinating on doing some mandala work, but the reason for it remained unclear. It wasn’t the lack of time. It wasn’t the lack of desire to create. It wasn’t the lack of money. It was just that logically, I don’t know why I want to devote time to making a mandala when I could be making money writing. How does the act of doing something I don’t really want to do encourage the creation of abundance? It doesn’t! What does encourage abundance is fun, acceptance, and a passion for your art. I just didn’t have it with the mandala. That’s when someone suggested that I just start with gratitude. I am grateful to have the opportunity to do a mandala. I even turned it into a fun event and had a mandala-drawing session with my daughter. They were really beautiful and inspiring. I felt the energy start to flow as I left my resistance behind and connected with a state of being that says: Yes! I attract beauty and love. I am beauty and love!

I realize now that when my energy stops, it is when I am in a state of unconscious resistance to the urgings of Spirit. I don’t know I am resisting, otherwise it would be conscious. Doing work like mantras and mandalas are a way to reconnect to Spirit, but it only works when you are in the proper state of mind – gratitude. If you don’t want to do it, then don’t force yourself. Instead, focus on making it fun and making it something that makes you happy and grateful to be alive. Then, your spirit wealth will flow again.

Sacred Work and Money

This blog is about my journey from limiting money beliefs to a life of sacred work that not only produces income, but also meaning in my life. I went from a job I detested to working as a freelance writer. The journey was not easy, but it was worthwhile. It completely shifted my reality and I want to teach you how to do the same, except without making the same mistakes I did. Now, I still have some of the same problems that you all have – debt, for one. But, I have something few other people think they have: control over my own destiny. So, the story isn’t over. In a way, it has just begun. The key here is that I still want to do the same thing I’ve concentrated on these last few years: build sustainable wealth in my life without selling my soul.

If you are working in a job you hate and have wondered how to escape this, you may find this blog helpful. There is a way out, but it requires that you change your perception and lifestyle to commit to wealth that not only sustains you, but those around you too.