Great Job Perks for WAHMs

Cooper Comes To Work With DaddyIf you’ve been debating whether to start working at home, wahms (work-at-home moms) can tell you there really are some definite perks to doing so. Of the millions of women returning to the work force, due to their spouses being unemployed, the ones that become wahms end up getting some really great perks. When you include them in your wealth equation, you may find that they are really quite priceless.

Why I Like To Work From Home Freelancing

  • No commute – No gas costs and no traffic to deal with! Whether gas goes to $5/gallon or not, it’s not going to cut into your monthly budget.
  • Less food and clothing expenses – While many wahms like to work in their pjs, I’m not one of them. I like to get up early, dress smartly, and have a cup of coffee – made at home. That simple act leads me to at least a $5 savings at Starbucks, every day.
  • Flexible hours – This is really the prime motivation most people, especially moms, go into work at home businesses.  Need to pick up the kids at 2:30 pm? Okay. You’re the boss, just schedule your work around it.
  • No daycare costs – Why pay someone else to watch your kid or do afterschool camp when they can just be home? It’s hard to do when you have multiple kids, but one or two can be fit in with a work at home opportunity.
  • Schedule errands away from crowds – Shopping can be done during the week, away from crowds. Appointments scheduled outside of rush hour. You can easily save four to five hours a day in your schedule by working at home. Two hours for commute back and forth to office and another three waiting around the post office, the checkout and bank lines.
  • Feel the seasons – When you work for corporate, you don’t get to really enjoy the seasons. You’re stuck inside, in an artificial environment, and it affects your moods and your health. Work at home and enjoy the luxury of taking a bath at mid-day during summer or working by the fireplace in the winter.
  • Healthier for you – You are less stressed and more easily take care of your needs. This can lead to a healthier you, especially if you include regular exercise in your schedule at home.
  • Find greater work/life balance – Since you get to schedule your own jobs, you get greater work/life balance.  With that comes a deeper appreciation of life and work.
  • It’s easier to market yourself – You don’t have to meet people in person to do work at home marketing. You can just join social networks and job boards and meet as many new, fascinating, and fun people as you like! This can widen your network very quickly!
  • Your future is as big as you make it – You’re not limited in your role as a wahm. You can make your career as big or as little as you need it to be. It’s exciting, it’s fun, and definitely gives you life skills that can improve your performance, even if you finally decide to go back and work for someone else!

Anyone else out there finding the perks too good to be true? Let me know what you like about working from home!


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