Will Blog For Food

Sandwich BoardI was startled to hear a recent story about a top executive who lost his job saying he’d know things were bad when he started drinking “wine out of  a box.”  While it may come close to snobbery, food choices do hit very close to home and having to make sacrifices in this area is probably where it hurts the most. In fact, I was smugly laughing at the ex-executive’s comment until someone pointed out to me that I also have “given up” certain favorite foods for this recession and I complain I miss them every now and then.  It almost made me want to put on a sandwich board and stand out on the street corner panhandling with a sign that reads “Will Blog For Food,” but only, of course, for those forbidden treats.

A Fair Trade?

That’s when I thought it might work on the Internet. If you are a business owner who wants some free marketing, heck, send me some food. No need to find some extra cash (which I know is just as hard for you to find right now). I will accept food in lieu of payment as my way to stimulate this economy and get your business needed Internet exposure. Of course, it has to be hard cheeses, fine wines, stuffed olives, shrimp, or any other delicacy that I simply can’t afford any other way during this recession. I will do my part and savor and enjoy your little care package for all it’s worth (and before these items hit their sell by dates and you can’t sell them anyways!) and then I’ll blog about how much I enjoyed it and mention your brand. 🙂

Isn’t the Internet grand?


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