Recycling For Recession Gardens

empty toilet rolls under an orange fluorescent  lightI’m having loads of fun in my recession garden, but along with the fun comes some small conundrums. For instance, it seems I have a family of bunnies living in my hedge that like the salad bar I put out for them. I also am learning about all the little pests and diseases that can ruin a crop. What really has me excited, though, is learning how to recycle ordinary things into useful garden tools.

Old Toilet Rolls and Milk Jugs

If there was a support group for packrats, I’d be a member. Packrats Anonymous. I find it painful to throw out (don’t laugh) the inner core of toilet rolls. I keep thinking I’ll find a use for them some day, other than sticking them in the recycle bin. This year: Voila! I found a use! The okra I planted needs seed collars to keep cutworms away. I just cut an old used toilet roll in too, and there – an instant okra collar to protect my young plants. I love it.

I started out the season recycling milk containers too. I just cut them in half. I use the bottom for the seedlings of lettuce I started early. The tops I covered the bottoms with when it was too rainy or cold outside, like a makeshift miniature cold frame. It worked greeaaaat! Ha, ha.

As for the bunnies, I found out organic bone meal keeps them away and makes a great top fertilizer. Not sure I can make my own, but I’ll find out. And, today, I was eyeing some old cardboard boxes. I saw that they put these little molded carboard thingies to keep something from jiggling in the box. That’s when I wondered if I couldn’t soak the entire box in water, and remold it into biodegradable plant starters. I could save a bunch of money that way. I’m just wondering what chemicals they put on industrial cardboard.

Anyone else with great ideas on how to take ordinary items and use them for the garden?


3 responses to “Recycling For Recession Gardens

  1. oh no! my mom has bunny problems with her garden too.. do you have an outside cat? my cat is indoor/outdoor.. and I’ve never seen any bunnies around where i’ve lived, or at my mom’s when i take my cat home for vacay!

  2. ha ha cats can’t do anything about th3 mosquitoes tho! do you live in the bay area or in Georgia? one great thing about california is no mosquitoes! almost too good to be true!!!

  3. In North Carolina, Rebekah. No mosquitoes in California?! I”m ENVIOUS!

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