Where Have I Been?

Eating.I’m still here. I have been very busy getting a recession garden going. After my last trip to Whole Foods, I thought I could do better in my own backyard. I am hoping to get my daughter to post pictures, but the entire experience has really taught me much about why we’re so completely unsustainable in this country. I think what it comes down to is that few of us know how to feed ourselves, whether literally or metaphorically.

If we knew that each of us had the tremendous potential to become our own source of sustainable activity, wouldn’t that have a huge impact on the American psyche? I think we did get that at one time when we went through the Great Depression, but it’s a work of hardship and struggle and no one really wants to do that unless they have to. Well, here we are again, in a really bad recession and now we have to, like it or not.

I have probably lost tons of readers during this introspective time. I do tend to take a few months to chew on things every now and then. My daughter calls it “composting” and thinks everyone should compost every now and then. She also thinks that it should be a good reason to skip work or not answer phone calls, “just leave a message, I’m composting…” Ha, ha. I eventually get back to noticing the other things in my life that weren’t necessary to composting my ideas.

What am I gardening? I am gardening: lettuce, tomatoes, red and yellow bell peppers, hot peppers, beets, okra, cucumbers, squash, and any other seed I can get my hands on. That’s right, most were started from seeds. Why seeds? It’s because when you are learning how to create something from nothing and you want to put it in practice, try growing a garden from seeds. It will truly be enlightening.

And, if you are trying to garden in shady areas, check out Shade Gardening 101 – Tips on Edible Shade Garden Crops.

Will discuss more later…


3 responses to “Where Have I Been?

  1. yay! ur back! i love gardening! I have a two year old snake fruit plant (salak in Indonesian which is where i got the seeds) and then last year I started an apple tree from the old core! yes i like gardening from seeds too!

  2. What’s a snake fruit plant? What kind of things do people make with snake fruit? Got a pic or link to it? I’m curious…

  3. here’s wikipedia article with some good pictures and description..


    I’m still waiting the for first fruit on mine.. moved it outside this spring but it has been very cool in the bay so far and it hasn’t quite kicked into summer grow mode.. it might be used in Indonesian cooking, but the fruit tastes so good, and is so good raw, that I think everyone usually eats it raw.. i ❤ it!

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