Do you all know that the recession is sexist?

Show me the moneyI’ve had to do some research for various freelance writing projects and apparently, men are feeling the affects of the recession more than women. The reasons given for more men being laid off than women is that the industries most affected had a high number of males in them, like construction, finance, and mortgages. I would venture to guess too that since women have been historically paid lower then men, for the same work, that it is more attractive to employers to hold on to women with lower salaries than men, but that would be awfully sexist, now wouldn’t it?

I am also seeing that in some areas where men have traditionally made decisions for the buying, women are taking over because they are either paying closer attention to the budget or something more fundamental is going on. Food buying is generally a female-oriented activity, for married couples, so that’s not changing. However, things like home remodeling, typically a male activity is having a little tweak with women appearing to start to edge out men. I don’t know if that’s because people can’t sell their homes and there are more single head of household women year after year or what. There are definitely some trends that have to be watched if you are marketing because it looks like women are gaining  economic power in this recession and making more buying decisions.

Here are some news stories that point out this shift:


One response to “Do you all know that the recession is sexist?

  1. ha ha yes the CHOSEN – chief economic household decision makers – are often women according to societal development theories of Warren Farrell’s in “The Myth of Male Power”

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