Shopping Around Now That Gas Prices Are Lower

the bare necessitiesFood prices may still be a bit high, but gas is much lower, making it a bargain to shop around for your foodstuff. Today, I went to three different stores to finish my grocery shopping. They’re all very close to me because I live in a convenient area.

So, the first place I went was Wal-Mart, and I was surprised to find the prices there were going up too. I bought my meat and my produce there, even eggs which are reasonably priced and in bulk. But, I noticed that for items which are almost always relatively cheap, the prices were higher, like for beans and tuna. I’m scratching my head trying to figure that out. But, that’s okay because I know of a place that sells those items CHEAP, CHEAP, CHEAP: Dollar Tree.

Next stop, at Dollar Tree, I notice that the cheese and milk are outrageous, but there is my really large bag of dry pinto beans for $2.50. I was at Wal-Mart and they were offering one for $1.49 that was at least half less, if not more by weight. Next, I go to the tuna at 79 cents a can. That’s right, you can still get tuna for under a dollar at Dollar Tree, not so anymore at Wal-Mart. Some brands were even $3.00 a tin! I bought a few more items too that I saw at deal breaking prices and then made my last stop: Krogers.

Okay, I only went to Krogers to return the milk bottle because I like the milk made in Western NC that is shipped fresh in glass bottles. It’s got no hormones in it and it tastes like I remember milk used to taste when I grew up. So, I returned the bottle, got my $2 refund for it, and headed over to the milk section, when I realized Krogers was closing out on some organic foods. I love organic foods and I love almond milk and soy milk too. I picked up 4 cartons for a grand total of $2. Net cost? Zero, since I had just returned my bottle and didn’t get the bottled milk since I substituted. On top of that I saw some organic beef jerky, which my daughter loves, regularly at $4.50 for 50 cents each. Guess what Santa’s putting in her daughter’s stocking this year?

Grand total: $34 for food for two people for two weeks. The extra cost in gas at $1.67/gallon was minimal.

When gas is relatively cheap, it really does pay to shop around.


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