We Got To Learn The Business Waltz

Los novios abriendo el baileI just had an epiphany after listening to this broadcast:Planning In An Economic Downturn with Sabrina Parsons. I realized that I know many of the basic steps for business development, but to really do well in this economy, I am going to have to learn the business waltz.

The Link Between Expenses And Income

Sabrina makes a good point that when business owners decide that they need to cut expenses to survive a downturn in the economy, they often don’t pick the right things to cut back on. They may choose advertising, for instance, because they perceive that is going to be less effective as there are fewer customers in a downturn. Then, the next month comes around and voila! Fewer customers! But, did they get fewer customers because of the downturn, or did they create a self-fulfilling prophecy by reducing their advertising exposure when it counted most?


Metaphysically, to magnetize sales to your business, you have to project energy that creates prosperity. What you do is really an expression of that energy, not the actual cause of some business effect, like more customers or sales. That’s why you can work your tail off and get no where, because you are exerting an energy of distrust in the marketplace, and that leads to lack of security. The energy is in association with the action and with the final result. But, on the other hand, you can work your tail off because you think there is a ton of demand headed your way and you want to be prepared for the overflow, and voila! You can create that too with EXACTLY the same action as before, where the identical action can create lack or prosperity, depending on the energy behind it.

The Business Waltz

In this broadcast, it brought to my attention that we have to not only pay attention to what we are doing, but what energy we are projecting with that action. We don’t want to create self-fulfilling scenarios in this economy that are going to bite us in the butt. So, while it’s important to know the steps to the dance, the waltz is something that one does not do with steps alone, but with a fluidity and understanding of how all the steps and energy combine to create a magnificent dance.


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