Witchy Medicine Ways To Confuse Your Pocketbook

Toothpick voodooOur health insurance system has broken down, for those of you that don’t know yet. Odds are, you do know since you see a large amount of money going to these insurers who later deny claims for spurious reasons. If that weren’t bad enough, the co-pays on doctors visits on some plans make it somewhat ridiculous to even be insured. You’d have much better luck going to a doctor of your choice, outside a plan, and claiming to be uninsured and paying out of pocket. Why is that? It’s because no one tells you what your visit will cost you – until you’ve actually had the service done and the insurer has been billed. Until then, you could be liable for zero, a co-pay, or for the entire procedure (depending on what lame excuse they can think up to deny your claim). But, if you are uninsured, the first thing out of their mouths is the actual cost of the procedure!

Would You Shop This Way For Any Other Product?

Imagine ordering something off the Internet, and it says not to worry that the cost is free. Just load up your ecart and don’t worry about the cost. Someone else is picking up the tab and the bill is paid! All you got to do is pay a minimal $20 shipping fee. So, you order everything and more, without regard to cost, and then when it arrives, your credit card is charged for an outrageous amount because that someone else skipped town or denied ever suggesting they would pay up. Better yet, maybe the fine print read that you had to place your order between 2:00 and 2:01 am on leap year day to get that deal, and sorry, you just didn’t follow the rule! Would you be mad at the person who skipped out or at the e-store? Probably both, but more so at the e-store because they weren’t upfront about the actual cost of the goods sold. Yet, somehow, it’s okay for medical doctors, and anyone in the health field, to simply avoid answering questions about the cost of a procedure, and pass off that responsibility to the insurance company. You don’t find out until after it’s been billed to the insurer how much it costs or whether you bought more than you would have, if you had known what was happening.

My Trip To MinuteClinic

So, sometimes I go to the MinuteClinic for small things rather than to a doctor’s office. They have charges right up front and let you know what they will do. Unlike a doctor’s office, if you go in and they can’t treat you, MinuteClinic won’t charge you for the visit. That seems fair, but no one thinks it’s fair if you go to doctor after doctor who fails to cure you and you refuse to pay them, even if all they do is give you a looksy. It’s expected that you remain sick and in the care of these people, continuing to pay for treatment, that doesn’t actually affect your health. But, that’s another issue with our health care system, I don’t have time to discuss right now.

At any rate, I went to MinuteClinic because I accidentally plunged the tip of a knife into the web of my left hand when I was cooking. It got infected, after three days, and the whole hand swelled up and bruised like I was turning into one of those zombies from that truly-awful movie, Legend. I thought at about that time that I should see a doctor as my last tetanus shot was about 10 years ago, exactly. Lucky for me, MinuteClinic administers tetanus shots. I go there and sign in and the attending nurse refuses to give me a tetanus shot. She said it was infected and so might need antibiotics and that I had to go to a doctor’s office, urgent care, actually.

What I Did

I headed over to Urgent Care and was sitting in their waiting room when the whole thing hit me! Our health care system is a scam. There was another person there who also had been at the same MinuteClinic with me prior and she had also been referred to urgent care too! I, for one, can’t go with conventional medicines because I’m hypersensitive to all chemicals and medications. I do sometimes use medical systems when I need a cyst removed, and I’m sure I’d use it if I broke an arm. But, to get a disease or infection treatment – NO WAY! The treatment just might kill me! I know exactly how to heal my own body. So, I got up and walked out.

Trip To The Health Food Store

I went over the health food store, instead, and bought myself some colloidal silver and then went to see my energy healer, who also happens to be a retired nurse. She told me I could take one more day before I had to try the antibiotic treatment, and that we would pray over it and she would send it healing. So, I loaded up on Echinacea, Goldenseal, and colloidal silver, two of the three being natural antibiotics. The next day, I woke up to a hand that was no longer inflamed and healing fast.

What I Learned

I have no health care choice. That’s right, I wanted a tetanus shot and was refused UNLESS I went somewhere to load up on medications I know I can’t take. What choice is that? The cut healed all by itself and later I found out that if you have at least three tetanus shots in your life, the odds of getting tetanus are practically nil. That’s me. But, I doubt they would have told me that once I landed in urgent care. They would have been only too happy to give me one anyways. I also learned antibiotics might have worked, or might not have, as they do work on some things. But, colloidal silver is an antibiotic, an antifungal, and an antibacterial. Whatever got into my cut was IMMEDIATELY wiped out. It works internally and on top of the wound too.

The cost for a tetanus shot at MinuteClinic was $60. The cost of an appointment with Urgent Care runs $75 to $85. The cost of antibiotics, out-of-pocket, I never found out. The cost of colloidal silver was about $15 and I didn’t even use the whole bottle. It does not expire and doesn’t have to be refrigerated. This is what they used to use before medicine companies found out that patented medicines make them far more money. Colloidal silver can’t be patented because it’s made of silver, a natural element!

Would I suggest everyone do what I did? No. I know my body and I know what works with it. I wouldn’t suggest to my friend with the brain cancer to stop chemotherapy, even though I know I would never attempt such a thing. It would surely kill me much faster than the cancer. But, that’s just me! However, it bothers me that when it comes to health care, we have no choice, even if we decide to pay out of pocket. It’s truly a scandal.

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4 responses to “Witchy Medicine Ways To Confuse Your Pocketbook

  1. Multiple doctors have told me that they have to set their prices with the assumption that everyone has insurance.

    Once that’s done, they aren’t allowed to give those with no insurance or less insurance a break.

    Prices go up and up and up because insurance has given everyone the idea that it’s all free anyway, so who cares what the price is.

    You’re right, it’s a scandal.


  2. Malcolm,

    They’re “fibbing.” Would you tell people that your rates were negotiable, especially when you have a captive audience? I have gotten breaks on rates from eye care to dental care by going in and telling them I’m uninsured. In fact, I often get better work because they take pity on me. It all depends on how much compassion your caregiver has, and most are actually quite caring and hate the insurance companies as much as you do. I will be writing on a new style of medicine called “boutique” medicine too. Keep an eye out for that post. The doctors are REBELLING as well as the patients. It’s about time…

  3. I don’t recall if its docs in a PPO or some other kind of group, but they’re saying they can’t vary from their published rates. If so, I can see the point from the insurance company’s perspective: they get the high rate and the uninsureds get to pay less.

    It’s a mess, true or not.


  4. Boutique medicine also seems to be providing a better deal than health insurance. But, I’m still researching it.

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