Struggling With Support Issues

Helo Fast RopingWell, by now, people are probably aware this blog isn’t just about money. It’s about the wealth that makes us happy with our lives, which often involves not just financial support, but also emotional and spiritual support too. Even when we’re very rich, sometimes we lack emotional or spiritual support, and that lack can make us feel very poor. When we start to experience losses in all these areas, it becomes a difficult juggling act and at that point, what do we do?

Support Team Training

I was invited to attend a Support Team Leadership training to find out how to properly support my friend with the brain tumor. As I sat there, I began to wonder about the many areas in my own life where I don’t feel very supported. If we feel supported, it’s very easy to go out and support other people. When we don’t have it in our own lives, it becomes quite a challenge to provide support to other people who also are experiencing lack. Where do we start? Where do we draw those boundaries?

The World In General

We’re starting to see some of those dynamics in the financial markets. The United States is going bankrupt and we normally turn to lenders in other countries to finance our debt. Well, the problem now is that the losses that we are experiencing are also affecting our lenders. So, they are looking at their ability to support us, and it’s just not there. The ring-around-the-rosy of lending support is starting to fall apart as major players go bankrupt and withdraw large chunks of money off the shared table. What is that going to do to the markets and to people?


So, it comes back to how well can you support yourself when the going gets tough? Will we even have enough to support others in need, or will we have to withdraw to conserve the little we have? I’m interested in knowing the answer to this one because I do think there will come a time when all us will have to answer it. Will we choose to support only ourselves, or will we still attempt to help and support others? And, where do we draw the line?

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2 responses to “Struggling With Support Issues

  1. On so many issues, we’re all in the same boat. It’s as though we’re on the Titanic, but some of us are in a posh stateroom and haven’t seen the water leaking into the third class rooms. Others, who’ve seen the leak, think the problem is too broke to fix and run around in chaos. We don’t see that if we worked together on more challenges, we could make headway that benefitted. everyone.


  2. Very good metaphor! I sometimes have dreams I’m on a sinking ship, like the Titanic, and for that reason refused to watch that movie. I thought it might be traumatic for me. But, anyways, you are right! Cooperation is the key to getting through this crisis.

    The problem is that our Western culture doesn’t value cooperation, it values competition. So, it takes a major shift in consciousness to change the way we do business this way. I am seeing some examples of this, only because we’re in a sink or swim type of survival scenario. But, for the majority, it’s going to be a very jarring new reality.

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