List-Making For The Non-Detail Oriented

Listography {Your Life in Lists}Yep, that’s me! I am a systems type of person and though I can read the details probably better than anyone, it’s not the highlight of my life. So, why am I now touting the power of lists? It came to my attention when I first started my appreciation and gratitude exercise. I started it by listing the things I appreciate every morning. Well, being a writer, I found the list actually spurred my creative juices and so I decided it might be good to try list making for other types of activities.

One of the biggest issues this year has been my inability to keep my sales funnel full of work. I get so involved with a project, I forget to do the marketing I need to bring in more work when that project is done. So, the last time I had a lull in work, I decided to start by making a list of all kinds of articles I would like to write and proceeded to waste my time writing them. It was a great way to get some good ideas, but it still didn’t lead to a heck of a lot more work for me. That work is just sitting there waiting for someone to buy it because I didn’t cultivate the market first.

What it did do was spur me into thinking about changing the entire way I do business. Instead of doing work, I thought I would do marketing and motivate someone else to do work during lull periods by getting lists together of all the places where I can create excitement and opportunities for more work to come in and marketing for both of us. I did find two people so far, who are going to do that with me, but it took me actually sitting down to generate lists of potential markets to convince someone else that it’s a good idea for them too. So, now I am really sold on lists and I think my office is going to start to look like that list of the delegate counts that the Democrats had going for a while. I want to start creating multiple lists of contacts, work venues, article topics, keywords, other writers, and see if I can put them together in a systems way to create a money making machine that doesn’t sputter out when I happen to fall asleep at my computer.

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