We’re A Culture Of Snoops Now

Persiana AmericanaNot that I mind, but I think it’s kind of funny (as well as a bit scary). Yeah, so now if we’re trying to figure out what someone else is up to, you can check them out on some social networking site like MySpace or Facebook. I’ll even go so far as to admit that I snoop on my daughter’s profile that she granted me permission to view one time, and I visit it to make sure she’s doing okay and not getting into trouble. But, I suppose prospective employers are looking over my shoulder too and I’m wondering how they figure out which person with my name is me. I mean, there are multiple people with the same name and some are nitwits and others aren’t. If you happen to have the same name as a famous porn star, or something like that, I guess you’re just plain out of luck when prospective employers check the Internet.

Anyways, here are some clever ways in business to snoop on your competition online:

  • Check out Alexa.com and find out their traffic ranking and sites that link to them. You
  • Download webceo from http://www.webceo.com and find out what keywords your competitors are targeting and then put the same ones up on your web pages.
  • Use Google Alerts with your competitors name to find out news about your competitors.

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