Kids Sure Put Things Into Perspective

Manon se fâche!I brought up my daughter to learn about spiritual values from my example, not from reading the Bible or any other spiritual material. I believe that actions speak louder than words, so I tried to use our life together to help her understand some spiritual values like forgiveness, mercy, persistence, connection, tolerance, love, etc. Well, I must have done too good a job. She is now required to read the Bible for an Advanced Placement course in high school English and list allusions in other major works that come from the Bible. I have never required her to read the scriptures, not because they’re bad, but because I feel you really can’t teach spirituality through words. They get twisted by our minds that take control of the content and use these words to engage in unspiritual acts on the basis that the Bible said this or that. If you want to teach spirituality to someone, it should be done through your own example, not through words that can be turned into dogma. So, now she’s reading it as a required assignment and here’s her take on Genesis, so far, in her own words:

I already read the story of creation, and I think god seems pretty lonely, and needy. Like a baby. Then he throws a tantrum and wipes the earth clean of everything but two of each. If he really wanted to fix things, he should’ve done something else, instead of just ignoring the problem and destroying almost everything.

Well, she got the action part right anyways! Compassionate action speaks louder than words and that’s really what she is saying, even though it sounds blasphemous. She probably doesn’t get why in the story of Genesis God is supposed to be teaching us, his children, about how to act properly and then goes on to kill everything on the planet. It’ll be interesting to hear what she has to say when she hits the story of Sodom and Gomorrah. 🙂


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