My Friends Are Priceless

whippet snippetOkay, one of my friends decided it would be funny to send me an application on Facebook called “Owned.” It starts out by saying:”See how much your friend thinks you’re worth…” The title itself didn’t sound promising. I don’t need anyone to tell me what I’m worth, so I left it there until night time and then decided that if I didn’t like it I could uninstall it. So, I installed it. Sure enough, it was a black market of human beings (their online photos) and anyone in the circle of friends can bid on your picture and “own” you. It was a little cute, and somewhat funny initially, but after sleeping on it, I uninstalled it. Why? Several reasons, but the main one is that: My friends are priceless.

Auction Off My Friends?

See, one of the tricks to get this application to go viral is to offer an outrageous amount of virtual money in your account (so you can go out and bid on other human being’s pictures) for having put one of your friends up on an auction block for $1 and inviting them to join. It even put in a friend’s picture and told me which one hadn’t joined that I could trick into this. You know, I just couldn’t do it and I wondered how many of those other people thought this was more funny than sad, because that’s what I think about this application: sad.

The Human Marketplace=SLAVERY

Why on earth would I want to spend my day seeking out other people’s pictures to bid on? To be quite honest, at the end, it was a bit disgusting. I’m not for slavery, and this smacks of virtual-slavery. People are getting ego highs over “owning” other live human beings, if not for real at least in their fantasies. Disgusting. People get all riled up about video games that show people being shot and massacred, but now it’s okay to condone slavery, because it’s all a fun game? Count me out! And, my friends aren’t going on the auction block because of me either.

Owner/Owned: They Think The Same

It’s important to realize that what we allow in our minds and in our realities says a lot about who we are and how we treat other people…And, I truly believe some people want to be owned just as much as other people want to own them. They perceive their value as being based on how high someone bids on them or how popular they are. That is being owned, as this application so rightly puts it. I’m just not one of those people.

*Image Courtesy of Flickr Creative Commons license by f10n4


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