Holding the Rudder Steady in a Perfect Storm

storm.jpgIf you aren’t aware of the convergence of different sectors of our economy that seem to be poised to create a perfect storm of potential economic catastrophes, you must be one of the few. The media has been trumpeting bad news since they first were created as bad news seems to sell a whole lot better than good news. So, we hear about the housing collapse, the $4/gallon gasoline expected this summer, the falling dollar, the rising food prices, the increase in unemployment, and the tightening of the credit rules. There are even people who are insisting that we are close to peak oil and doomsday is right around the corner.

Recognize the Storm, but Don’t Lend it More Energy

If you find yourself in a perfect storm, there’s not much you can do about it except to hold the rudder and hope it passes. In spiritual circles, if you spend too much time agonizing over the outer conditions, your inner state of being contributes to the manifestation of more outward problems. The only way to hold the rudder steady is to recognize the outer conditions as a temporary illusion that does not have control of your life. You create your life, not the outer manifestations making it for you.

Some people do this by focusing on the Divine or their angels in times of trouble This is why many Christians tend to have an almost teflon-like quality to their lives, even when everything around them is destructing. They don’t place their attention on the manifestations and often more problems just cause them to turn more to God. For those of us that believe in the Divine within, turning our attention inward can cause more condemnation than relief, or joyous devotion. If we create our own reality, then why are we creating such disasters? This can lead to a spiral of downward motion that is difficult to readjust without the proper attitude, and yet, it is crucial if we want to get ourselves out of victim mode.

The Powerful “I AM” Statements

If you’ve ever seen the St. Germain information, they say decrees that start with the words “I AM.” So, instead of focusing on the negative problems around you, you focus on the Divine within with these statements. Some are like this:

  • I AM the opulence of God made manifest in my use now and continuously.
  • I AM the Presence acting in my world.
  • I AM the wealth – God in Action – now manifest in my life, my world.

There are many other such affirmations that can help us to hold the rudder steady in a perfect storm.

How to Put Them to Use

Interestingly enough, my friend with the brain tumor went to see a hypnotherapist. When I asked him what they did, he said they had focused on putting suggestions of affirmations in his head. One of them was like “I AM the perfect functioning in my brain, improving more and more.” When I heard him say that I thought it was quite funny that someone who hasn’t even heard of the Saint Germain teachings used the same statements. What is even more interesting is that I was already trying it with other things, besides myself. I was saying: “I AM the perfect health in my friend, (his name here).” And also, I am using it for my car: “I AM the perfection in my car.” This may seem absolutely ridiculous to some, but separation between us and others is only in the mind. In the power of the Divine there is no me and thee, there is only God, the Divine. So, what I decree for me can be used to help someone else or even an inanimate object. The trick, they say, is to really believe and feel what you are decreeing. So, that’s my spiritual tip for the day, and I will continue to update you on exactly how they are working in my life. At the very least, it provides some positive affirmations that can help us feel inspired when times are tough.

*Image courtesy of Flickr Creative Commons license by Fabiano & Gabriel


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