Thinking about setting up additional freelancing profiles

I’ve been pretty fortunate in the past to be able to get contract jobs through word of mouth and referrals. I’ve actually had very few jobs I’ve had to go after and bid on. However, the economy is doing some screwy things lately, and I am wondering about setting up additional online profiles. Setting up multiple freelancing profiles is a way to network on the Internet. There are a number of contract job portals that one can use to try to find additional work:,, and many more. I had an entire listing before my pc crashed and left me struggling to put the pieces back together. Now, I have to try to find the listings I had before. I really should think of a way to keep this from happening every time my pc crashes. Maybe I should build a bookmark list for just my online profiles? It would help me when things slow down to quickly jump on them and update them. Also, I would know where to go when work slows without having to jump back and forth through them. I did originally have them bookmarked and some of these places still exist. I’ll have to see about generating a larger listing for the future…


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