Giving for Valentine’s While Getting Something Back

I’m all for giving and getting back at the same time. Just because we want to be service-to-other doesn’t mean we dismiss any perks that come our way. A great example of giving while getting is to use a service like They have a way to get money back on almost every purchase you make through their site and sign-up is free. Many of the major manufacturers put discounts up and all you have to do is use as a portal to your favorite vendor.

So, say you have jewelry you want to buy at a jewelry store. Instead of buying it directly from your local store, hop online and see if offers a discount on the exact same merchandise. Be sure to include any shipping you might have to pay in your calculations of the best deal, but during special holidays like Valentine’s Day many online retailers waive shipping fees too. They offer special promotions too that add cash to your account and, if you order by February 14th, you can get $10 in your cash back account on top of the discount you get for buying a gift through their portal.

I will give you an example of how I am using this site. I got referred by someone else and they gave me a $5 bonus referral (which is their usual referral). They got a $5 bonus too for referring me. I didn’t use the service for a while and the cash sat there because you have to have $5.01 in your account for them to cut a check to you. But, that didn’t bother me because that money didn’t expire. I just kept checking back. Around Christmas time, I knew I had an expense that would be good to buy online: a cell phone. In addition, they were offering another $10 in various promotions. I bought the cell phone to get the extra cash in the account and scored $15 in free money. Now, I am referring the same service to you and if you sign up, I will also get a referral bonus. That’s the way to use these types of sites to not only help people save, but help make some money and great deals for yourself too. I give, you get, and I get too.


2 responses to “Giving for Valentine’s While Getting Something Back

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  2. I’ve found more cashback available from They alsohave international sites for those shopping from the UK and France.

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